OMG... Remember last year how I wrote the Wedding Planning Guide? Well, I did, and it was so well received by you brideys, that I thought I would make it even more accessible. So, with a few minor adjustments and a lovely lower price, now ALL of you can plan like a planner for under 10 bucks! How awesome is that? 

A few of you mentioned that while you loved my guide, you didn't really need some of the "other" stuff. Well, I listened, brideys. I separated the timeline and budget templates from the guide. So, if you absolutely need to know how to plot your wedding day down to the minute, or you really suck at budgeting, then you should get the whole guide. But, if you're pretty savvy with logistics and money, then get the Kindle edition. 

Bridey, not only do I know how much you will enjoy reading my book (because it really is FAB and funny), but with each page, you are that much closer to a being a Bitchless Bride.