The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ The Entitled, Part-Time Wedding Planner

This is somewhat of a touchy subject for me because I am a wedding planner, but I gotta get it this story out there because that's what I do; I get shit out there, and sometimes, it isn't just about a bitchy bride. So, here it goes... Ahem... To all of my wedding planner colleagues, quit your bullshit! Okay, I guess it isn't fair for me to include all of you in this broad statement, but there are definitely some of you who are taking advantage of your position (the client), and pissing off a lot of people in your path.

So recently, I was schmoozing with what I like to call my "partners in crime" (a group of venue managers, catering managers at hotels, etc.), and some of what I was hearing was a bit baffling. Story after story of event planners behaving badly. The more I heard, the more embarrassed I became. Although on one level, I felt pretty good because these chicks were comfortable sharing the deets with me (probably because I used to be a catering manager at a fancy hotel), but mostly I felt pissed off because there are wedding and event planners out there who can be just as bad as the bride!

Now I know that as a planner (or bride), we all have our moments. It's frustrating when you're not getting what you need from a venue or catering manager (or any of your vendors), but it's all in how you manage it that matters. Right? What do I always say? Be nice! Whether your a wedding planner or a bride, you get more sugar with honey! It's a really simple concept. People want to help you if you are nice to them!

Here's the story that really stuck out for me. One of the catering managers was telling us about how a certain wedding planner was all over her about obtaining particular details for an upcoming wedding (like nitty gritty shit). And I say upcoming LOOSELY. Because this wedding is taking place in the fall. Not really upcoming, and as a planner, she should know that. Seriously, this poor catering manager was receiving multiple emails from her; stream of thought emails... DAILY. And then getting pissed when she didn't hear back within 24 hours. REALLY? OMG, just typing this makes me angry!

Listen, I'm not excusing not getting back to people, but it's important to recognize that everybody has to priorize their tasks, and therefore the events that are within the week (or even the month) are going to take precedence over the ones that are nine months away, right?

Anyway, as more of the story unfolds, we learn that this "planner" is more of a part-time planner, and evidently, this is one of the only events she is "planning" in 2014. Clearly she has a ton of time on her hands! On the other hand, the manager at the venue probably has about 20-30 weddings before this one, on top of several other events that she is planning for 2014. And while I don't expect brides to fully understand this (even though I have written about this topic several times), I DO expect event planners to understand. Basically... GET IN LINE, wait your turn, and drop the attitude. 

Wedding planners, part of your job is managing the expectations of your clients, right? Well, it's time to start managing your own. It's not realistic for you to expect venue managers and vendors alike to drop everything for you, the client, when your event is several months away. So, put all of your thoughts down in ONE email, and ask that the manager get back to you by a certain date (a realistic one). And then, if you don't hear back, make a little noise, but please take a step back and look at the big picture, will you? 


Image via The Telegraph