The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ A Crazy, Drunk Groom, a Naked Bitch and a Cinco de Mayo Witch

Let me start off by saying that our company must have some sort of magnet for the crazies.

Crazy #1, "The Drunk Groom"

Our company was hired by a bride and groom for their rental items. They requested delivery and set up the day before (nothing out of the ordinary). We arrived late afternoon the day before as promised with every item they rented. Set up was perfect, all good to go. Around 11:00pm that night, my phone rings. It's the groom. He's screaming that we were late and that the color is not at all what he wanted. It took us a while to actually make out what he was saying between the screams and slurred speech. My husband takes the phone and tries to explain that it is impossible for us to be late...everything was already set up and your wedding is tomorrow. And as far as the color, what are you talking about you saw the swatch beforehand. Somehow this man thought that it was going to look different in the room. He then demands that we switch out everything for a different color, which is impossible since it is now 11:30pm on a Friday. 

We try to explain that this is the color they ordered, we even send pictures of our linen swatches to show him. This only infuriates him more; he claims that he wants my husband to go there right now so he can kick his ass. Yes, this man on the night before his wedding is trying to fight us. My husband tells him to calm down, he's getting married tomorrow, and everything they ordered is there and ready to be used. The groom goes ballistic saying "How dare you f***ing threaten me?! You piece of sh**! You scumbag! I'm going to find you RIGHT NOW!” My husband responded, "Ok then, see you soon." We never heard from him again. 

The day after their wedding this man is supposed to be on his honeymoon (it was a destination wedding) enjoying his new bride, but no. He takes to the internet viciously bashing us everywhere he could, claiming the owner threatened him, we refused to help them, we were late to their wedding, and that everything was filthy. This was in 2012.

It is now 2014 and the man continues to stalk our company. Every few months we will receive notifications that he is updating his review or publishing reviews on companies that he thinks are related to us. 

Crazy #2, "Crazy Naked Bitch"

We were hired by a woman for a party at her home. She literally begged and fought for every single penny - possibly one of the cheapest people I have ever met. She would call and email my husband countless times throughout the day just to try and talk us down on the price because she would keep calling these little bounce house companies who claim to have the same products for less. We finally told her that we just can't come down on price anymore, our quality is high and it costs too much to maintain and deliver these products. Surprisingly, she agreed to move forward with the order.


Our crew arrived the day before her party to set up. She comes out half-naked in a see-through nightie screaming at our crew. She's infuriated that we weren't there earlier. She sees one of our drivers and starts flirting with him asking if he would like to come inside. Her husband comes out yelling for her to get in the house and literally drags her ass in to put some clothes on. 

She calls our office demanding a refund and bitches for over an hour! We agree to a partial refund just to shut her up. She continues to write bad reviews about how we were late and how my husband is the most irresponsible, unorganized, and rudest person to deal with. 

Crazy #3

The "Crazy Drunk Groom" is by far our creepiest, most insane, and most pathetic client, but the "Cinco de Mayo Witch" is not far behind.

This lady ordered items for a Cinco de Mayo party, to be delivered that day. We call her the day before to set up a delivery time - around 10:00 am. 10:00 am rolls around and our drivers are at her house - no one is answering the door. We call and call - no answer. Finally, our driver calls her and she picks up. She says she is at church and how dare we call her! My driver says "But uh, we had to call you. We can't get in to set up your delivery." 

She comes to her house, gets out the car and all hell breaks loose. Screaming and running up and down the driveway "Get out of my f**king driveway!! Move your f**king truck!!” WTF lady? Where do you want us to park to unload all your crap? We get on the phone with her to calm her down, explaining that we have to park in the driveway there is no other place for our truck to go. There is only one car at her house by the way and she has one of those massive "U" shaped driveways. She then proceeds to scold us for calling her during church. How were we supposed to know you were at church and if you were going to be at church why the hell did you have us come deliver at that time? 

After she hangs up, she comes up to one of our drivers to tell him what horrible people he works for. She then asks if he would like some chips and a drink. She walks around front and sees more crewmembers unloading the truck, which is in her driveway, because it has to be. She flips out again, screaming that she is going to call the police! At this point there are neighbors watching this woman have a psychotic breakdown in her front yard. She actually calls the police who tell her that we can't park in the street, she hired us, and so we need access to set up, which means her driveway. She begins to sob. She frantically cries to my driver for about 30 minutes and goes inside. 

The next day we receive an email from her. She claims that we caused her extreme emotional turmoil. She is demanding her money back and telling us that we ruined her event and church time. Apparently we are the most inconsiderate, ruthless, and stupid people on earth. We write back an apology that she was upset, but try to reason with her that she really has nothing to complain about. 

The same crew arrived at her house the following day to pick up the equipment to find that there are pieces of silverware and glasses missing. She tells the driver she broke the glasses and she doesn't know where the pieces of silverware are. She then offers him potato salad to talk about how bad we are. Our driver called us to let us know about the missing items and we send an email to the customer letting her know what was missing and if she could please look for them in her house since they often get mixed up with regular silverware. She replies infuriated writing, and I quote, "How DARE you ask me to look for that!! What is wrong with you?!” We then find out that she tells the driver she does have the silverware and she refuses to give it back. This woman stole forks and knives. Forks and knives.

When her rentals got back to the warehouse we were appalled. I had never seen such disgusting items. The dinnerware was filled with food. The napkins looked like she ran over them with her car. The linens were burnt and filthy and molded, and the chairs had mud all over them as well as a few burn marks on the seat. Because this woman was so irate we inform her of the condition and tell her that we are not going to charge her the normal replacement, cleaning, and repair fees. She calls and says "F**k you!" This evil bitch then disputes her ENTIRE order!! Almost $3,000! Which, as you know if you've ever had a dispute that the bank holds that money from you until they settle it. 

In the end, we won the dispute. And it is my personal belief that this woman is a fucking witch. The drunken groom is a pathetic, no-life freak who has absolutely NOTHING to do but stalk us (what a marriage he must have?), and the naked bitch is well… a naked crazy bitch. I feel bad for her husband. We have had countless other insane and unreasonable customers and I'm sure these will not be our last. Hope you enjoyed our stories - one thing we've learned from all of our experiences is that the crazy ones are ALWAYS the ones who fight you for every penny and whine about every little cost. Beware! 

I hope we can share more stories with you in the future. And I just want to add that I am a huge fan of your site, thank you so much for giving vendors a place to vent anonymously. I really enjoy your blogs!

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