The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Don't Go Breaking Our Hearts or Busting Our Balls

This post is tough because I TOTALLY get it. I really do. I get it because I deal with it EVERY.FUCKING.DAY. And, I'm telling you that I get it before I even explain what the hell "it" is JUST to cover my ass... So, here it goes. Bridey, shit is going to change. Your wedding plans are going to change. Your guest list will go up and down eighteen fucking times based on family dynamics or lack of guest list control (usually because of your mom BTW...). Your flowers will change a bazillion times based on personal preference, availability and design. Your wedding dress will be taken in and out or scraped completely, but the most irritating, never ending change that for some reason is expected to be "no big deal"? Guess... Duh, look up!

The menu. Bridey, there comes a point when it is up to you to get your shit together, and simply be done with your menu. The most annoying thing in the whole wide world is a bride who continually changes her menu all the way down to the week before her wedding. Be it the passed hors d'oeuvres, stations during the cocktail hour or even the damn salad before entree, it's coo coo. Many chefs, venues and caterers will try to accommodate (particularly if your numbers go UP), but there comes a time when it's just not okay to keep changing your fucking mind. When you're a week away from your wedding, all anybody in "the industry" cares about is the number of guests and how many of each...

So you saw "something really cool" at an event you were at last week. Forget about it. Somebody suggested "that you ought to do blah, blah, blah..." FORGET ABOUT IT! Seriously, don't go busting balls at the venue or with your caterer because now that stupid Philly cheese steak egg roll is "a must". Or suddenly, you realized that you neglected your food and beverage minimum, and you will be short a few hundred (or thousand) dollars. I'm sure the coordinator at the venue or your wedding planner has had an eye on that all along, but now, a week before your wedding, it's sinking in that you are short. Too bad. Let the venue tell you what your options are, not vice versa.

Bridey, I told you that I totally get it. I do. You want the best for your wedding, and obviously the food (and beverage) is a huge part of that. But, I don't think you realize what you're asking of your very busy caterer or venue with each change. Adding or removing (if they even let you) food this late in the game, is like asking them to start over. Okay, maybe not that drastic, but close. It effects food cost, labor cost (yeah... somebody has to prepare and fry those fucking cheese steaks) and staffing. It's not just an egg roll. Ingredients have to be ordered, the rolls have to be prepared, and somebody has to pass them. 

So, what do I suggest? As you close in on your RSVPs, keep an eye on your food and beverage minimum (make sure you are achieving whatever dollar amount you agreed to in your contract), filter out the endless opinions you'll receive and keep it simple! You picked your menu for good reason! Now, just go with it and ENJOY!!!

Image via Sangmaestro