The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Trust the Process... When Time is Not of the Essence

Sooo... I gotta say, I really lucked out this weekend. I worked with awesome clients who not only trusted me unequivocally, but also took my advice, hired vendors in my network and then let me do what I do best... Plan their event (and got the hell out of my way so I COULD do my job)! Because that is what I do best, brideys. Plan. And when you're in my face bossing me around and getting involved without fully understanding the nature of the beast (that is your event), you're only hurting yourself. Why? Well, let me explain.

Yesterday morning, over a delicious boozy brunch, I was chatting with a vendor friend of mine who wasn't as lucky as I was with her bride from the weekend. Her client just couldn't let go. This chick micromanaged every single detail to the point of nearly ruining her wedding for the sake of being on time. Really? I'm sorry, but that's fucked up. I've said it a million times, bridey. It's not about the time things happen, it's about the order and flow in which they take place. The order of events will always trump the time they take place. Seriously, who the hell cares if you're introduced as B+G eight minutes later than your timeline dictated?! I mean... Because the most important thing is that you got announced, right? You think your guests are really gonna notice or care that you entered the room at 8:38 instead of 8:30? Yeah, no. They care about the drink in their hand and when the next one is coming.

Look, bridey, I'm not suggesting that you purposely try to run an hour late and create havoc. Because in doing so, you will also create an awful experience for your guests... What I AM saying is that you should really focus on your wedding. Focus on your new hus, focus on the guests who are celebrating with you (some of which probably traveled a long way to attend), and you know what? Fuck the rest! If you've been diligent with your wedding plans, hired experienced vendors and trust that YOU made the right decisions along the way, then you have to let go or else you will regret it later. Your wedding day is going to be the fastest day of your life. Seriously, you'll blink and it will be over. So, you have two choices: Ruin it by obsessing about the timing, or enjoy it and literally go with the flow.

So, bridey, which one are you going to choose? Are you going to ruin your wedding day because of a few minutes here and there or enjoy it... for better or worse?

Image via TonyFahkry