The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ 5 Amped Up Tips on How to Not be a Bridey Bitch...

Back in March of 2013, I wrote 5 Tips on How to Not be a Bridey Bitch. Damn, was I smart. Seriously, if all of you crazy brides read that post last year, then perhaps we wouldn't have to revisit what it means to be an awesome bride today. Because as I get deeper and deeper into wedding season, it is apparent that some of you need a refresh. And with spring wedding season right around the corner, I feel like it's my duty to educate (more like save you from yourselves) you on how to not be a bridey bitch, get more from your wedding planning, and still have friends after your wedding! So today let's revist these five tips, and perhaps maybe even learn a few more pointers on how to not be a bridey bitch!

Back to the Basics: Here we go again ~ 5 Amped Up Tips on How to Not be a Bridey Bitch:

1. Fucking... be nice. You get more sugar with honey (or however the hell that phrase goes!)... Make people WANT to help you. If you're rude, then you don't get any damn sugar. PERIOD.

I'm STILL preaching this a year and a half later. Actually, this has been my shtick from BB's inception. Bridey, the secret behind successful wedding planning? Attitude! What you put out comes back... tenfold! So, if you're nice, then the wedding world will be nice to you. 

2. Don't take advantage of the perks of the industry; our industry. What are you talking about BB? Well, a few days ago, I received a short story from a fellow vendor, and part of what she wrote  really resonated with me... She said (referring to a bride), "When you come in for a hair and make-up trial, and then get the stylist to do a complimentary trial on your mom and sister, you just might be taking a tad bit of an advantage. The service is for you, not for your entourage!!" Brideys, this shit happens ALL the time! You must stop assuming that everything is free! If your mom wants her makeup done, well, then she has to pay for it. 

This one still pisses me off. I swear, the hospitality industry is the only industry where everybody somehow thinks that everything is complimentary simply because you are getting married and are partaking in a particular service. It's not... Fuck you. Pay me.

3. Please don't assume... What is that stupid saying? Assume: Makes an ASS out of U and ME. Bridey, if you're getting married at a hotel or restaurant, don't assume that just because you stopped by or you were "in the neighborhood" that a) we can drop everything to see you because you have arrived, and b) that we need to sponsor your cocktails and appetizers in our bar. Several people do business with this establishment. If we treated all of them to freebies, most likely we'd be fired. You are no exception.

I cannot tell you how many times this happened to me at the fancy hotel where I used to plan events. My clients would just drop in, ask for me, and then basically stand there with their hand out. Either they wanted my time or they wanted my booze. REALLY? Fuck off. Call me first, no matter what! And by the way... drinks or dinner during our meetings together? Sure. "Swinging by" with friends? Yeah, no. If I had done that for all of my clients, I'd have been fired. Seriously.

4. This is a biggie... When you are meeting with a vendor, put your fucking phone away. Unless somebody is dying, then I don't want to see it. You expect my full attention, don't you? Well, I expect yours too. So, put that shit away. NOW.

It's gotten worse. I can't even blame you, bridey. It's everybody!! I know you see it too... So, be conscience of it, and unless you have a sick kid or dying grandma, then put your damn phone away while we are in the middle of planning "your day". It's just rude.

5. Say "thank you". Tell me that you appreciate all of my hard work. Because you know what? I deserve it.

Brideys, you've gotten BETTER at this!! I'm so proud of you! This year, I have received more letters/tips/gifts than ever before! And it's not about the money (you know where I stand on that...), it's about recognizing a job well done. And if your vendors have provided excellent service, then thank them appropriately!

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