The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Wedding Planning... It's Only Temporary, Bridey

I had brunch with a close friend of mine recently, and this chick? Well, she's pretty fucking KICKASS!! And not because she's the CEO of some company or because she's got her shit together, but because of her perspective, bridey. You know, my favorite word in the whole wide world! PERSPECTIVE!! They say that you never know where your inspiration is going to come from, and let's just say that today's post hit me like a ton of bricks. You see, my kickass friend? Well, she's going through some awful shit these days. I won't get into the gory details, but it seems like all of the craziness is happening to her all at once. You know the saying about how shit happens in 3s? I seriously think this is her fourth or fifth. And instead of wallowing in her sorrow (which I would probably succumb to myself), she just keeps casually uttering, "It's only temporary." Wow. So simple, yet hard to do...

As a wedding planner, I've watched some pretty cool girls get rocked by their wedding planning simply because planning your wedding and real life are oftentimes a tough mix. But, as I listened to my friend say that, "It's only temporary", it kinda got me thinking about her healthy outlook. Instead of slipping into a dark place and lashing out at her friends and family, everyday she rises above how she feels, and looks forward; something that I think is really hard for all of us to do. How do you fit into this, bridey?

Well, if you look at planning your wedding as something that is only temporary, adjust your perspective (during the particularly difficult times like dealing with family dynamics and budget constraints) and realize that a year from now, life will most likely be totally different (depending on when you are getting married) then you too should be able to utter the phrase, "It's only temporary." The key? You'll actually have to adjust your thinking and believe in that statement. It won't be easy and it probably won't alleviate the stress and bullshit you are dealing with instantaneously, but it has the power of preventing you from getting in your own way, and rising above...

The crazy thing? Usually, all of the shit you worry about during your wedding planning really does come together in the end. Concerned about family dynamics (I think we all are!)? More often than not, your worries will trump reality. I've watched brides be consumed with the fear that their divorced parents will make a scene at their wedding, and really never seen it happen. I've witnessed crazy, coo coo, knock-down, drag-out fights about money only to see it all work out later. How? Perspective. Each party gives a little, instead of fights a little, and it's amazing how it all falls into place.

Bridey, your wedding planning and wedding day are only temporary. Life afterward is not. It's permanent. Don't fuck up relationships with the people you love over one day. Don't lose friends (um... the chicks standing next to you at the altar) because you are a bitch bride. Don't make your fiancé question why he asked you to marry him in the first place. You know why? Because, "It's only temporary." 

Image via Ottawa Wedding Magazine