The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Five Reasons You Are a Demanding Bride

Allow me to get right to the point. Bridey, are you a demanding bride? Wait? You don't know? Okay, fair enough... I guess I can understand why you may not know if you are a demanding bride or not. I mean, how WOULD you know? Right? You've never planned a wedding before... How are you supposed to know what crosses the line into the demanding bride territory? Well, to help you girls out, I'll give you five reasons why are you a demanding bride.

1. You have a champagne taste on a beer budget. Look, bridey, I wrote a whole post dedicated to this topic in November of last year, but there are still so many of you out there, that I feel like I need to touch on it again. Let's take the example, shall we? If you expect champagne, sorry, DEMAND it, but can only afford beer, then either put your money where you mouth is, or shut your mouth. What do I mean? What do I MEAN? Okay, it's not fair to expect five star service at a three star venue. It's not fair for you to expect more from a vendor than you are willing to pay. PERIOD THE END. Want more? Then go read my entire post about this topic.

2. You have this little problem. You're actually demanding. You demand a lot from those around you, and your wedding is no exception. But, you know what, bridey? There is nothing wrong with that. I would just use caution with your demands and be sure that you aren't demanding too much. Hmmmmm... The first thing that comes to mind is demanding too much from your bridesmaids. Yeah, it's a very fine line, bridey, and with all of the parties, brunches, showers and the bachelorette party, it's a lot. And if you're a demanding bitch? Nobody is going to feel like celebrating with you. So, watch your demanding ways, bridey or else you will be celebrating by yourself.

3. You have unrealistic expectations. I know, as a wedding vendor, that you want me to respond to your email, VM, text, tweet or whatever the SECOND I receive it. And demanding that I do so by the EOD (that's "end of day" for those of you who aren't down with corporate lingo) is bullshit. I have other clients, events, appointments, etc., and I didn't go into business just so that I can take you on as a client (neither did your photographer, DJ, florist...). So, if I don't get back to you in a fucking nanosecond, please don't re-send the email, tweet, text or leave another VM. Because it's rude. I promise that I will get back to you within 24 hours, so quit being a demanding bitch!

4. You have a lot of money to spend, and dammit, you demand to be heard! Okay, okay, slow your roll, bridey. Good for you! You have a healthy wedding budget! Woot! Woot! But, that doesn't necessarily mean that your manners go by the wayside. If you have piles of money to blow on this wedding, then hire the top vendors, communicate what you want from them, and give them a little room to do their jobs. I mean, jeez... How will you know how good they really are if you are busy dictating their every move and being so fucking demanding? You won't. So, take your money, spend it wisely, and let your vendors perform without some many command performances.

5. You have have a lot of money to spend, but... your bridesmaids, guests, etc. do not. So quit demanding that they stay at a particular hotel, buy a particular dress, attend every single shower, etc. Because, while you have the money to spend, burn and throw away, it's not fair for you to assume that everybody else does. So, quit demanding your "requests". Got it? Because that's in poor taste, bridey, and I KNOW you're better than that! Right? Right?

Image via mywedding... (like... I love this photograph so much it HURTS!!)