The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Don't Do Me Any Favors

"Are you fucking kidding me? REALLY?" she asked. This was the response from an overworked, underpaid and pissed off venue employee. "ALL of that for two fucking French macarons? Seriously, why do I even bother?" she asked and walked away in a huff. "Nice 'tip'."

Brideys, as we are heading into a busy spring wedding season, I cannot stress enough how important it is to tip the vendors who work their asses off for you. I'm not saying that you "owe" them (particularly if they did not perform well or if they just plain ol' sucked), but if you are going to make like 800 demands (all the way down to the light bulb brand used in function space), and expect that your demands are met, then you know what? You DO owe them, and you better show your appreciation... with CASH. Giving them a $4.00 favor that you are giving to all of your guests? Yeah, it doesn't cut it. Actually feels more like a "fuck you" than a nice little sweet treat. It's definitely not how you should show your appreciation to anybody who has gone out of their way for you (especially if they were the ones who helped you procure said macarons!).

Bridey, I have written about this a million fucking times, and so has The Tipping Fairy (a Vendor Vent), and even Martha Stewart has written about tipping your wedding vendors! If you pushed your vendors HARD, and they lived up to all of said demands (ahem... changing the brand of light bulbs for your wedding), then show them. Give them a nice fat envelop, write something nice, and build it into your wedding budget. Because you should. Because it's the right thing to do. Because I can assure you, that the people who have gone out of their way for you don't make the kind of money you think they do. And even if the do make piles of money, you still owe it to them to show your appreciation.

We are in the hospitality industry, and therefore we are expected to bend over, take your shit, and give you whatever you want because it's our job. REALLY? No, you're just entitled. Because you know what, bridey? It's also our job to make money (or to make money for the venue where we work) and sometimes your bullshit expectations are just that... Bullshit. I mean, where else would you get away with finagling so much shit "complimentary"? Have you ever tried it at the salon? Should they give you your highlights for free simply because you got your haircut? Yeah, no. Well, the people in the hospitality industy do give you shit for free all of the time. They make it happen for you, and sometimes they do it for almost nothing. And when you know that this is happening, then it is up to you to show your appreciation.

""Like I don't already have two macaron boxes sitting on my desk." said the venue employee. "Seriously? Don't do me any favors, bridey." 

Image via little random happiness