Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Spectacular Wedding Dress, A Pink Champagne Tower and Amazing Decor

O.M.G. Courtney's wedding dress. Seriously, are you falling over because of her sensationally incredible wedding dress? I mean, hot damn. Holy shit. Just holy shit. I can't... And you know what? Courtney designed this amazing wedding dress (with a little help from Jean Ralph Thurin). Can you believe it? Wowza! And what a stunning design it is!! I love the beautiful bodice and the sea of ruffles. Courtney, I'm officially envious and I'm sure I'm not alone! Pretty sure that every bride-to-be is drooling right now...

Anyway, I guess I should probably move on and tell you about the wedding, huh? Well, Courtney got ready at her family's home in Dowlestown, PA with her all eight of her bridesmaids (wow!). And just WAIT until you see their dresses! Just a damn fine looking bride and bridal party. Okay, clearly I can't seem to get past the attire so you know what? I'll let you get to it. Start scrolling, bridey!! This is one you don't want to miss!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot! Oh! I also love the shot below! Holy orchids!!HOLY SHIT this dress!!!!! What a handsome couple...I love that she's wearing the wedding dress (that I am officially obsessed with) while getting a piggyback ride from Tim.Lighting changes EVERYTHING, bridey. The decor is beautiful, but the lighting will change how your guests feel about the decor.Lovin' the pink bubbly being poured into those fancy champagne coupes. NEVER see that anymore!Hmmmmmm.... Not so sure what's happening here, but clearly they are having fun!So sticky sweet... 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Joe Dantone Photography
Makeup Artist: Alyne Halvajian
Hair Stylist: Amanda Elizabeth Thys
Floral Designer: Encore Florist
Dress Designer: Jean-Ralph Thurin
Dress Store:
Makeup Artist: Sheri Kuper
Reception Venue: The Merion