Real Wedding Wednesday ~ The Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox

Kate and John Fox had their wedding at a local private high school. Seriously, they're probably the only people I know who would voluntarily go back to high school, right? But, how fabulously unique is that? I mean... Apparently, this was the first wedding held in the school, and I absolutely love that they chose to think out of the box! Anyway, the ceremony was in a chapel inside of the school and the reception was outside despite the rain! People always say that rain is good luck your wedding day, but as a wedding planner (and if you're a bride reading this), honestly, it's a pain in the ass! 

Luckily, it only rained during their formal photographs, and a few volunteers held umbrellas over the cake. So ultimately, they had good luck (phew!), and the pics to prove it!! And with a name like "Fox", they just  HAD to incorporate their name into their wedding day! After all, how many people could say that their wedding is truly the day of the fox...?

I really, really love these jewel toned bouquets!Look at Kate's father. His eyes are welling up...Fantastic kiss!Loving the green color palette!Ummmm. Whoa! What a FAB idea for food at a wedding! Hold on... Look down! Yeah... YUM!!Kate and John have foxes on their cake. I mean... Couldn't be more fitting, could it?Mr. Fox is wearing a green tie and a tan suit. OMG! How AWES is that? 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Christy Whitehead Photography
Other Location: Episcopal High School
Cake Designer: For the Love of Cake
Floral Designer: Isobel Rose
Caterer: Pele's Wood Fire
Hair Stylist: Sarah Keene