The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ I'm Not Going to Say, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!"

Yeah, I'm feeling kinda ranty today. Honestly, I'm fucking exhausted. I'm so tired of being the shrink, mediator, personal assistant, and hand holder. This wedding season has been awesome and brutal all at the same time! Seriously, I feel completely bipolar because one day, I am absolutely elated; lovin' life and my clients, and the next, I am down in the dumps wishing I had a chosen to do something else with my life. Something that didn't require so much brain power; something where my "product" wasn't dependant on people and their ever-changing ideas and opinions.

This wedding season, I've had some truly amazing clients who really understand that there is life beyond their wedding day, and then I've also had some clients who are so self absorbed and seem to have some serious issues with sharing. That's an odd thing for me to say, huh? I guess it is... Why don't I explain with a story...

Recently, I worked with a client who was absolutely OBSESSED with the fact that her gorgeous and extremely popular venue had the nerve to have another event booked in their ballrom prior to her big day. Outrageous, right? I mean, how could they have the audacity to maximize their profit on a busy Saturday in June? Yeah... hoping you're picking up on my sarcasm... Anyway, almost every single conversation we had either started with or ended with a diatribe, asking me if "I could believe that they had another party ending so close to the beginning of her wedding." Perhaps I am somewhat immune to a tight turn (meaning that the venue and vendors have a short period of time to flip an event space from one party to the next), but a two hour window is nothing; easy peasy. In fact, there are plenty of us (vendors, wedding planners, etc.) who have turned a room in an hour! But, no matter how hard I tried to explain this to my client, she would not HEAR me. And goddamn if I wasn't annoyed.

Bridey, we (the hotel, vendors, and myself) turned that ballroom with time to spare. No issues, just hard, fast work and a solid plan. Fast forward to when she walked into the ballroom... She was amazed. How did we do that? "The whole service I was worried that the room wouldn't be ready!" Really? You were so concerned that the ballroom wouldn't be turned around that you ruined the ceremony for yourself? REALLY? Dummy. But, I didn't do it. I didn't tell her that "I told you so". I wanted to fucking yell it at the top of my lungs, but I didn't. And trust me, that was hard.

Moral of the story? For the fucking millionth time? LISTEN to the people you hire. You picked them for good reason. And frankly, we don't come into your work and dictate how you should do your job, do we? Because that's essentially what you're doing when you refuse to let go and trust that the "job" will get done. Got it?

Image via StarTribune