The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ A Quick & Dirty Etiquette Refresher for All of You Brides to Be!

I feel a rant coming on... And maybe it's because I'm on vacation next week and I feel my patience wearing thin or maybe it's because I'm feeling completely burnt out from the craziness of wedding season, but this bridey really pissed me off. Know why? Well, she was a guest at this particular wedding (I knew she'd be there), and not only did she ask me several questions about her own wedding, comparing décor details and whatnot and even a few logistical questions, but she serial texted me décor ideas that she liked for her own wedding or would things she would change, as I was in the midst of running the event. Yeah... Are you fucking kidding me?

So, my clients obviously knew each other, which is great, but when I'm running the event that I have put my blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears into, get outta my face. Seriously. Bridey, your day will come, and right now, I'm fucking busy making sure this event is flawless and as much as I like you, you don't matter to me right now. You hardly exist. Plus, your wedding isn't for months, and therefore I'm not focused on it as I'm running around checking every last detail for wedding I am orchestrating, TODAY!!!

The worst part is that I like this bride, a lot actually, but it just goes to show you how selfish or self absorbed even the nicest, sanest bride can become when she's given what she deems as an opportunity. I know that she didn't mean to be a pain in the ass, but at the same time, I feel like I have to remind the masses, that it's not always about you! Enjoy the party you are there to enjoy, and save any ideas you have for your vendors for later.

Bridey, a friendly reminder... If you're attending a wedding in which your wedding planner, DJ, photographer, designer, or whomever is working, I probably wouldn't even say hello. Or if you do feel the need to announce yourself, then just leave it at that. But, please don't start asking questions about your own event because, I can assure you that they don't care (at that particular moment), and they just want you to leave so that they can continue on with whatever it is that they were hired to do.

Sound like a plan? Good! Then leave us alone!

Image via Marry and Bright