Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Warm Hawaiian Beaches, Orange Lilies and a Stunning Couple!

We all need a little romance in our lives, right? Right! Especially when it comes to a proposal! I mean, at the very least it’s got to start with the proposal!! And, if you’re anything like me, then a great proposal story always gets your heart swelling! My eyes swell with tears, I get goose bumps… Yeah, I’m definitely one of those girls! Anyway, take Nick for instance… Nick proposed to Wendy on a gondola in Coronado Cays and then took her to dinner at the Loew’s Resort to celebrate! Pretty fucking cool! But, the best part? Nick didn’t hear Wendy when she said “yes”, so she had to raise her voice and practically yelled “yes” to Nick’s proposal! LOVE IT! 

Bridey, wanna know a super cool thing that Wendy did for Nick? She had suspected that an engagement was imminent so she had an engagement present for him ready just in case! Could ya’ bust? How awesome is that!!?? Even cooler? Check this out! Wendy got Nick something he’d been talking about his entire life! A one day pass to a race car driving school at Skip Barber. FAB U LOUS! And I know because my husband did this for me about four years ago! 

Anyway, enjoy all of the lovely little details of this Hawaiian wedding. It’s super colorful and delicious!

Simply stunning.So sweet...I love how colorful the bridesmaids and groomsmen are! I love that Wendy chose two different colors to work with!When I saw this pic, my eyes started welling. Can you feel it?Great kiss... But, I cannot get over Wendy's bouquet!Check out the favor! FAB cool box with lovely flowers...Beautiful orange lilies on top of a delicate cake.Nick, you kind of look like you're up to no good. Just sayin'!I love this photograph. Such a beautiful moment!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Creatrix Photography
Event Venue: Halekulani Hotel