Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Love Story that Started at Floatopia and Crossed the Ocean

You know how they always say that you never know where you’re going to meet “the one”? Well, it’s true. For Allison and Luck, it all started at Floatopia, which I have never attended, but have heard, is pretty AWES! Anyway, instead of boozing on a raft in the ocean (which is where I would have been) Allison and Luke were building sandcastles with some kids on the beach when they met. Seriously, how cool is that? I mean, had they been boozing on a raft floating in the ocean, they might have missed out on the rest of their lives! Okay, so that’s kinda dramatic, but you see what I’m saying! Thanks to their love of building sandcastles, they found each other! Anyway, a few years later, Luke popped the question and now I am lucky enough to share their wedding with you!  

I will let the Allison, the bride, take it from here… Enjoy all of the details, brideys! From the brideWe met at the infamous Floatopia of 2009 at UCSB. Unlike the majority of the revelers, we spent most of our day building sandcastles with some children we met on the beach. Later that night, when Luke bought me Freebirds nachos, I knew he was a keeper. 

Fast forward a few years, and across an ocean. I had just traveled 24 hours from Cambodia to see my boyfriend in England, and all of my luggage was lost. It was cold and rainy and I was still dressed for the tropical weather I'd just left. Luke met me at the train station looking especially dapper but I figured he just wanted to look nice for me, and wished I could have done the same for him. 
I love how Luke has his own hanger. Right? The brides always seem to rock a hanger which shows off their new last name, so I think it's pretty cool that Luke has one just for him!When he took me to his apartment (where I was going to stay until I found a place of my own), there was a handmade sign proclaiming our arrival at a riverfront cafe. When he whisked back a fancy silk curtain, there was a room full of flowers and candles. Every single surface glowed with the soft peach light reflected off the hundreds of flowers in the room. 

I began to think that maybe it was more than just wanting a nice evening for my arrival. He took me to the window with a beautiful view over the river and asked me to close my eyes after he told me about how he loved me and the time we'd spent together. At that point, I began to hope for a ring, but hesitated when he told me to open my eyes. 
I wanted to be happy with whatever he held in front of me when I opened them. When I did finally open them, it was a beautiful diamond and tanzanite engagement ring. We went on to an amazing 5 course dinner he had been teaching himself to cook over the course of months and months. Once again, when he provided me with some good food, I knew he was a keeper!
I can't get over the look on both of their faces!! 
Gorgeous couple!! I love their love story!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: bycherry photography
Hair Stylist: Alter Ego Salon
Equipment Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Reception Venue: El Paseo Restaurant
Cake Designer: Jeannine's Restaurant & Bakery
Officiant: Patrice Handley