The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ The REAL Reason Customer Service is Sometimes Lacking

Customer service is a topic that always seems to get me a bit emotional. Be it an absolutely amazing customer service experience (like the one the hus and I received at Michael Mina in Las Vegas) or a shitty customer service experience, both have the power to make you feel incredible or plain old pissed. Right? I mean, I still haven't stopped talking about Michael Mina, and that was almost a month ago! Brideys, it wasn't just the food that made the experience sensational, it was our very knowledgeable and professional server, the sommelier who suggested a delicious bottle of wine, and the hostess who wished us a pleasant evening as we left. We felt taken care of from the moment we entered the restaurant to the moment we left. And that is how it should be, isn't it? Yes! Unless...

Unless, you don't give it a chance. BB, what the fuck are you talking about? Well, let me tell you a story about a bride who ended up selecting the very venue which she slammed for a good month before she decided to host her wedding reception there. I know, totally crazy, right!! Well, when I met with this bride, "Samantha", I asked her where she had been looking, and what was important to her (some pretty standard questions which help me get an understanding of style and taste). And as we delved deeper and deeper into our conversation, I mentioned a FABULOUS venue that frankly, seemed like the obvious choice, and she said, "Fuck that place..." Whaaaa???? I was confused. Based on everything she was telling me, this venue was perfect.

When I asked her to give me some more details, she told me that she would love to get married there, but she had had a terrible experience when she and her mom went to see the space. I was stunned. She went on to tell me that the person they met with was completely underwhelming and clueless and that even though they loved the venue, overall, they were turned off. 

Clearly, Samantha saw my shock, and fell silent. I asked her who she had met with (because I know the team over there), and she said, "Some dude at the front desk." Ooooohhhhh..... Suddenly, it was all becoming clear to me. Samantha did not have an appointment. Aha! She walked in without an appointment and instead of meeting with a qualified sales manager to show her their exquisite ballroom and answer all of the pertinent questions around everything wedding, she met with one of the front desk agents who was probably busy being a front desk agent (on a busy Saturday), and anxious to get rid of her so that he could go back to the desk. 

Brideys, let me ask you a few questions... Would you walk into the dentist's office and expect to be seen? NO. Would you walk into your doctor's office and expect to be seen? NO. So, and I've written about this time and time again, why the hell would you walk into a busy wedding venue, and expect to be seen by the right person? Seriously! Bridey, if you expect excellent customer service and want to have all of your questions answered correctly, then make an appointment! PERIOD. Because if you walk in without an appointment, and by chance the right person can meet with you, she/he may only have a few minutes to spend before the next scheduled client arrives or an event begins. See what I'm saying? You are setting the venue up to fail if you don't PHONE FIRST!!!

When I very delicately informed Samantha the error of her ways, she immediately called and arranged to meet with the right person at the right time. And they all lived happily ever after... Just kidding, but in the end, Samantha and her mom went back to see the space and have their questions answered, and ultimately selected this venue for her reception...

Image via Catherine's Bridal Boutique