The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Why Sharing the Wedding Plans with the Groom is Super Important

Grrrrrr..... I'm so annoyed. I am knee deep in the throws of wedding and wedding planning season, and suddenly I get a furious phone call from a diva groom who crawled so far up my ass that I actually thought he was gonna come out my mouth. How's THAT for a visual? Ewwwww... But, the crazy thing? I don't blame him, I blame you, bridey, for not sharing all of the pertinent information that you and I have been discussing for months with the most important person in your life!

Bridey, you had MONTHS to tell the dude you're gonna marry some pretty important shit, oh, like I dunno... How you would prefer that he wait for you at the altar instead of walking down the aisle with his parents, or how we completely changed one of the entrée selections (because he'll understand), etc., etc., etc., and now it's up to me to fill him in during a surprise phone call and about four panic attacks later. Thanks. Thanks for putting me in the position of "breaking the news" to him. Bridey, I'm not the one marrying him, you are! And frankly, it's not my job to make sure that you are sharing the decisions we make regarding your wedding with your fiancé! It's yours.

Look, I'm not naive, I know that the grooms carry less weight when it comes to the wedding plans, but for the love of God, bridey, you have to SHARE the plans with the poor guy; especially when it comes to the ceremony! Seriously, the groom I spoke to (for the first time, BTW... yeah, it was a lovely first impression for both of us) was practically reaching for a brown paper bag when I answered the phone. And honestly, I guess it's really not fair to call him a diva, because all he wanted was to know was what the hell was going on. Because in his eyes, there was so much she was keeping from him (his words, not mine). 

This bride put me in a terrible position. Seriously, I felt like I had done something wrong simply by having the audacity of thinking that her opinion was a shared consensus between the soon to be husband and wife. Silly me... 

Bridey, in a nutshell? Don't leave the dirty work to your wedding vendors. Your hus-to-be doesn't love me the way he loves you, which means that the gloves are off. I was put through the fucking wringer until he took a moment (probably to reach for that brown paper bag) to breathe. Once he simmered down, all was well with the world, but until then, my knuckles were white and I found myself reaching for the flask...

Image via Northern Virginia Magazine