The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ When Obama Fucks Up Your Wedding, and Other Unexpected Obstacles

I wasn't going to do it. I was going to steer clear of this one. Seriously, because Bitchless Bride is not a blog in which we share our political views, and voice our opinions and/or disdain for government bullshit. But, this is not political, it's just bullshit. And the more I thought about it, and the more I reread the article on Bloomberg (I believe they broke the news first) the more I couldn't let it go. I had to throw in my two cents about how Obama just had to "play through" his golf game even if that meant that bride, Natalie Heimel, and groom, Edward Mallue Jr., both U.S. Army captains, had to move their wedding ceremony last minute. Seriously? What the fuck, Obama?

I've read that the President had no idea Natalie and Edward were planning their wedding ceremony at the 16th tee box at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course. But, it all seems a bit fishy to me. NOBODY at the White House knew? Really? I find that hard to believe considering that the entire world knew that President Obama and his family were vacationing in Hawaii, and that the dude loves to plays golf on vaca... Just sayin'... And, when he (or one of his people) found out that two Army captains were planning on exchanging their vows on said golf course, perhaps the right thing to have done would have been to wait for the ceremony to end or skip the 16th hole altogether.

The other piece to this that really bothers me from a wedding planning standpoint? The disclaimer from the caterer responsible for arranging the ceremony with bride and groom. It states that if the president is in town, then "last-minute shuffling" (of the ceremony location) is a possibility. So, can somebody please tell me why they weren't proactive... We all knew Obama was going to be in Hawaii, and that the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course is a fave of his, so why was the ceremony location shift a "last-minute shuffle" even with other spots lined up? Right? This should have been discussed with the bride and groom ad nauseam BEFORE the pres even touched down in Hawaii. Period. It's called proactive planning... And if Obama was even thinking about visiting Hawaii, then Plan B should have been put into place well before the night of the rehearsal. 

I have to say, aside from being awesome for serving our country, as a bride and groom, Natalie and Edward, I feel as though you deserve a round of applause for the way you handled the "last-minute shuffle". Relocating your wedding ceremony 12 hours before it is supposed to take place is no easy task regardless if it's to accommodate Obama or not. In fact, it's a huge fucking obstacle, and I'm thrilled that it worked to your advantage. Everything I have read states that the both of you handled what could have been an extremely stressful situation with pose and grace. My hat's off to both of you for not letting a teeny tiny little obstacle, oh... like the president fucking up your wedding, bring out your inner bitchy bride.

Image via AVONIA Photography Studios