Fantasy Friday ~ The Bonneville Salt Flats, An Extreme Cake Smash and a BMX Biker

Is that not the most incredible photograph you've ever seen? Looks 100% fake, but it's not. I know, right? Fucking fantastic! Heather and Ethen are standing on a section of the Bonneville Salt Flats that was completely covered in water making for such a beautiful pic, that it appears as though they were artificially placed! Totally looks like they are walking on water! WOW!

Anyway... I can't get enough of this wedding. While the salt flats are really cool, so are the rest of the deets and the peeps. Heather is staggeringly beautiful (like STAG GER ING LY) and if Ethen looks familiar to you, there's good reason... MTV's Nitro Circus ring any bells? Yeah, dude's pretty awesome! Aside from the beauty and the talent, there is a cake smash so messy that it's almost shocking, and some serious dancing! Bridey, this is a FUN wedding... Take some notes and enjoy!

Right. Stunning. And, doing her own hair!I totally need to buy that lipstick!Get the feeling that Ethen doesn't wear too many ties?How amazing is that?Favorite.Photograph.Ever.I love how he's checking her out!The front wheel isn't on the ground. Just sayin'.Walking on water??Look at that babe!! Love the vest!I mean... If you can't sing at your own wedding...Don't fall, Ethen!Wait for it... Okay! Look down!!Right?? It's all over them and they're both still smiling! LOVE IT!We did it! Heather and Ethen, thank you for sharing your FAB wedding with Bitchless Bride!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer:  Tony Gambino Photography
Dress: Alta MODA Bridal
Location: Bonneville Salt Flats
Reception Venue: Red Butte Garden