The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ When Your Tacky Wedding Guests Cause a Stir

Bridey, if you know me at all, then you know I'm not a big fan Valentine's Day. It made me feel like shit when I was single, and still manages to make me feel like shit (in a different kind of way) as a married woman. Right? So, when I began working with a couple, helping them to plan their Valentine's Day wedding, I was a bit apprehensive. Would my disdain for the holiday come through? Would I accidentally slip and accuse them of being cheesy for wanting their wedding on such an annoying holiday? Surprisingly, I kept my shit together during the planning process, and the wedding was amazingly beautiful. Black, red and silver (of course), with super FAB uplighting and decor, and several cool treats for the guests. So, what has me in a bit of a tizzy? The wedding guests!

Yup! The fucking wedding guests! And it wasn't what happened during the wedding that pissed me off, it was what happened before and afterward that I find to be ridiculous! Three words... RED SOLO CUPS! Yup! Some of the guests were sitting in the lobby of this lovely hotel drinking out of Solo cups. OH.MY.GOD. Why? Why wouldn't they just head to the hotel bar and shut it down? Well, because these fuckers were to cheap to pay for the booze in the hotel bar. REALLY? And, then they were surprised and belligerent when they were asked to get rid of their cups? Dear God...

Bridey, I know you that you have little control of a situation like this, but perhaps a word of advice... If you are getting married in a nice hotel, and you have a somewhat of a young and intense drinking crowd then do yourself and everybody else a favor, tell them to behave themselves (and mention this before they arrive)! Seriously, this is not a frat party, this is your wedding weekend, and even though you weren't the culprit, unfortunately, it is a reflection of you. Let me say it again. RED SOLO CUPS! I mean, according to what I heard, all they were missing was a keg and some drunk chick upside down doing keg stands.

How does affect you, bridey? Well, to say that the bartenders at your wedding will be put on high alert for over-pouring, theft (yes, theft... you never know when some asshole is going to sneak a bottle from behind the bar when the bartender has his back turned) and nips, is a GIANT understatement. And then, the wedding that you and I slaved over, becomes more about the staff at the venue policing outside booze from being brought in, and less about providing excellent service you and your hus. See how it's all connected? And not for nothing, the fucking bar was open!!!! So WHY anybody would smuggle additional booze in is absolutely beyond me!

The lesson here? Remind your friends (and perhaps a few family members) that your wedding isn't an excuse to behave like a Neanderthal. It's a celebration! Got it? Good! 

Image via Brightest Young Things