The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Same Shit, Different Bride

Clearly some of you, brideys, just don't get it. Actually, you STILL don't get it because I've been trying to teach you how to avoid this behavior since BB's inception. You just go on your entitled way, copping your bullshit attitude with the people who are trying to help you. And, it's pissing me off. But, more than that, I'm getting frustrated and annoyed. With every five clients, there is always one who makes you question why you help people in the first place; why you still play in "the industry" and why you care so much about somebody else's wedding.

Because it's the same shit, different bride. And, this time, it nearly through me over the fucking edge. Seriously, when I received her panicked message about how "her" venue had the audacity to host another party prior to her wedding, "and how could they do that?" and "there is no way there is going to be enough time for them to turn over the space to make my wedding perfect", I literally jumped up and down in frustration in my office. Nice mental picture, huh? BB, throwing a fit... And then, I became super grateful that I didn't answer the phone simply because she probably would have fired me for the tongue lashing I most likely would have spewed at her. Here's the thing, bridey. Based on her simple decor, minimal equipment and sheer number of guests, the venue could have booked twelve parties prior to her wedding, and it wouldn't have mattered. 

The crazy thing? It all comes down to trust. Yup, it's a trust issue. Had this bride taken a step back and thought about the situation, she might have come to the realization that not only would I not let her down, but neither would the venue; an establishment who has been hosting events, parties and weddings for years. Because the one thing about those of us who have been around this industry for some time is that no piece of business is worth jeopardizing reputation and unleashing the wrath of a bride. Especially now with all of the outlets for public reviews (like Yelp!, etc.) and potential for a bride to chastise her vendors. Seriously, had I thought that we needed the whole day for her wedding to be set up appropriately, or if there was any modicum of concern with the venue, then we would have reserved the space for the entire day and evening. But, there wasn't, so we didn't.

Bridey, I completely understand that the idea of flipping a space from one party to another in a hour or two can feel uncomfortable. I really do... Because you are not privy (like those of us who have been doing this for a while) to the superhero-like powers of these wedding venues. If they are not worried about going from one party to the next, then you shouldn't be. So, rather than wreaking havoc, and having a panic attack, please begin by having a civilized conversation as opposed to rockin' the 'zilla 'tude. I promise, I will let you know when it's time to panic. Okay?

Image via WPIC