The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Enough is Enough! Quit Texting Me, Bridey...

So, I took a brief hiatus from Bitchless Bride because I seriously thought I was going to lose my fucking mind if I had to deal with one.more.thing. I mean, I absolutely LOVE BB, but I just couldn't get my shit together enough to put anything (well, of quality) on my site. Know what I mean, bridey? Sometimes it all adds up, and you just HAVE to let something go. So, that's exactly what I did. I put BB on hold for a week to regroup. And in retrospect, perhaps the tip of the iceberg for me the texting bride. Oh dear God. This one... This bridey... She really IS lovely, but without boundaries. And boundaries, my dear bridey, are important.

It started innocently enough... She said that due to the nature of her work, texting (as opposed to communicating via email/phone) was the best way for us to stay in touch. At first, I had no problem with it. She would text a few quick questions, I would text her the answers and that would be that. But, then it began to morph into an entirely different animal. She would text me at 5 AM, she would text me at 10 PM on a Sunday, she would text me knowing that I was away for a long weekend with my husband. Honestly? I couldn't tell if it was entitlement or complete ignorance. But, considering how much I adored this bride initially, I had to believe that it was pure ignorance. Right?

Right! She wasn't entitled, just ignorant! Which is actually so much better than being entitled (in my humble opinion)! Seriously, thank goodness my first impression wasn't completely skewed! Because I HATE when I misjudge somebody. Totally makes me feel like a rookie. Anyway... What was I going to do? Ignore her! Well, sort of... But, I did get in the habit of only responding to her texts during "business hours". It was the only way I could get the message across without being a bitch (though it was super tempting!), and ultimately, she caught on.

Bridey, you know it's not like me to avoid confrontation. Truly, I wasn't being a wuss and completely avoiding a necessary conversation with my text-crazed bride. I just wanted to try responding to her on my time, instead of hers, before opening a can of quite possibly some messy worms. And, you know what? It worked! No worms required.

Most importantly, what I learned from this experience (that I'm hoping you'll absorb too) is that the next time a client suggests texting as the preferred method of communication, establish boundaries, and immediately.

Image via Elite Daily