The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Hey Bridey! Keep Your Bullshit Opinions to Yourself!

"Your prices are outrageous!" Yeah, that's how the conversation began with this potential bride. (Told you I am losing faith in humanity.) Nice way to start, huh? She had called a day prior requesting information about wedding packages, etc., although without the willingness to share a bit about herself, her "dream" and most importantly, her budget. So, I got as much as I possibly could get out of her before she abruptly ended the call. I hesitated, but then said, "Fuck it", and emailed the wedding packages and pricing for her to review.

Which brings us back to the beginning... "Your prices are outrageous!" Yeah, this bitch called back the next fucking day to share her feelings with me. Know what? I totally should have sent her the PITA wedding packages (they're ones which incorporate the Pain In The Ass fee). No, I don't actually have those, but it sure is tempting! OMG... I can only imagine how outrageous she would have thought my pricing was if I emailed those! Again, not that I have them...

Anyway, here's the thing... Some of you may find certain wedding vendor pricing "outrageous", and that's perfectly fine. Don't use them. Choose somebody else. But, please, bridey, do us all a favor and keep your bullshit opinions to yourself! I mean... There's really no need to call back and preach your outrage. Just move on. But, keep this in mind... Most vendors who rank on the pricey side of the spectrum? Yeah, they got there because they're fucking worth it.

I want you to do me a favor, bridey. I dare you to walk into Louis Vuitton and tell the chick helping you select the "perfect" bag that LV's prices are outrageous. Really, give it a try and see what kind of response you get. Because, trust me, they know that their bags are expensive, although frankly, you get what you pay for. And Louis Vuitton bags? They last forever and they're made with high quality materials. And, haven't we all learned that quality is worth it's weight? That, when you get skimpy with your spending on the bigger items, usually it comes back to bite you in the ass? And, choosing your wedding vendors is no different. Sometimes, the higher price equals peace of mind. Just sayin'...

So, bridey, when you tell me that my pricing is outrageous, fuck you. You get what you pay for. Think of it this way... If you buy the LV bag, then you can pass it down to your children. If you buy the bag from H&M, odds are it won't make it 'til next season. Bottom line? I don't give a shit what you think. I'm worth my "outrageous" price and I don't need your outrageous opinion.

Image via Louis Vuitton