Real Wedding Wednesday ~ An Australian, Vintage Wedding, Rockin' a Double-Decker Bus Cake & Crêpes!!

That's cake. I know, right? A double-decker bus CAKE!!! OMG! It's seriously almost too fabulous to cut! Well... the guests will need to have dessert, right?! Anyway, I love that Nghi and Chris nixed the traditional wedding cake, and a traditional wedding for that matter, and choose to break out of the box a bit to celebrate their nuptials. Representing their strong ties to London (duh, the awesome cake!), a stunning ceremony at the Fairfield Amphitheater and a kickass reception at a the Mountain Goat Beer Brewery, they really mastered what it means to have a wedding represent who they are as a couple. 

Bridey, there is so much inspiration encapsulated in these amazing photographs! Nghi's lovely Juliet cap veil and vintage wedding gown, Chris' bow tie and his bowtied men, cool centerpieces, stunning scenery, etc., etc., etc. Makes me wonder... What will your wedding say about you and groom??

Nghi chose a 1920s vintage gown and paired it with a Juliet cap veil.I love that bow ties are making a come back!Awwwwwww..... Sisterly love!Love the bridesmaids dresses, and how they're all just a touch different.Nghi's father is adorable! LOVE the hat!Probably one of my favorite bridal party pics ever!Can you feel this one???Oh yeah!!!A brewery and bicycles!!! Love the seating chart!Wonder who is sitting here!!??!?!?!YUM! I am a cheese girl... This looks beautiful and probably tastes even better!So so so much fun!!Um. Hi. Crêpe station!!!Such a fun and romantic couple!!! LOVE all of the deets!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Don Barrington Photography
Ceremony Venue: Fairfield Ampitheatre
Event Venue: Mountain Goat Beer Brewery
Cake Designer: House of Bread and Pastries
Tuxedo & Mens Attire: Jack London
Floral Designer: Yarraville Florist