Fantasy Friday ~ Dueling Pianos, Ominous Skies and a Beautiful Wedding in the Wisconsin Dells

I haven't been to the Wisconsin Dells since I was a kid, but I remember loving it then (duh, the water slide parks and duck tours... totally amaze for a nine year old!), and now that I see Sarah and Matt's fabulous and fun wedding, I think I love the Dells even more. While I was too young to drink back then, I'm definitely not now, and I cannot get over the homemade beer (something brewed) that the B+G served to their guests. How kickass is that? AND... You tag your "brew" with labels like "Clouded Judgement" or "Brides Remorse"... I'll let you guess which one BB would tag! 

Anyway, Sarah and Matt were quite lucky as the forecast wasn't totally agreeable, but the rain did hold out for them and ultimately created one hell of a backdrop! Enjoy this lovely wedding, and let me know which brew you'd be, bridey!!

Gorgeous flowers and the bodice of that dress... A MAZ ING!Love the lime green ties!!OMG! Could ya' bust? SO SO SO cute!!!Love the stationary!Looks like such a fun bunch of maids and men!WOW! Look at the skies behind them! The only thing missing is a rainbow!Let's go party!Um. Hi. I love you.I love the bright colors and wine bottle vases!Hey, bridey!! What would your tag say?I would guess that when you have a dueling piano band as your entertainment, shit could get crazy!Bring it people!!! Love this wedding!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Tara Draper Photography
Event Venue: Trappers Turn Golf Course
Cake: Colleen's Cakes
Band: Felix and Fingers