Fantasy Friday ~ Sheet Music Flowers, Butterflies, Cool Ass Shoes, a Hog Roast and FAB Music

Bridey, imagine being in the midst of your wedding planning, and then realizing that you can't possibly squeeze everything you wanted to do into one day. Yikes!!! What's a girl to do? How do you move past this problem? It's easy, really... Just have a two day wedding!! Right? That's what Steph and Jock did! They hosted their ceremony and a BBQ on Friday night, and then had a fucking awesome party on Saturday night. Um... Like the kind of fucking awesome party which included a hog roast and live music! Sounds pretty cool to me! See? There's always a solution if you look for a different angle, bridey! 

Jock’s a musician so obviously, the music had to be kickass, but why not include his love for music within the theme? Right? Seriously, just wait until you see the flowers made of sheet music and snack bowls made from old vinyl records! Totally love it! Have fun with this one, bridey! I did!

I love this stunning flower bouquet!Holy shit with the shoes!!!OMG! They all have awesome shoes!!!
Drink up Steph!Best pic ever!Lovely passionate kiss...HAHA!Smoke 'em if you got 'em!From the bride: "My family told me when my gran died that every time I saw a butterfly it was her checking in on me."

Shake it baby!!Ready to get your party on??Oh yeah with the Converse!LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.So much fun!! Thanks for sharing with Bitchless Bride!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Emma Warley Photography
Event Venue: Falling Foss Waterfall and Tea Garden
Shoes: Irregular Choice