Fantasy Friday ~ I Love You More Than Biscuits and Gravy

Trust me. If Candace and Rob love each other more than biscuits and gravy, then it's absolutely true love! Just wait until you see the biscuits they served at "biscuit hour". Yup! Biscuit hour! Not cocktail hour, biscuit hour! Totally wish I could have sunk my teeth into one (or twelve) of those!! Anyway... I love this wedding! I love it because Candace and Rob were clearly able to incorporate everything that they love about each other into their wedding. It really doesn't get much better than that... I'll let Candace tell you more about them. 

"Rob and I met in upstate New York at a songwriting event almost 2 years ago, and after a first date where we swapped songs for 8 hours, we were both sold haha. I talked about my dream of owning a therapeutic riding farm with lots of animals and nature trails, and he talked about his dream of converting an old barn into a recording studio."

Isn't this bouquet fantastic? The paper flowers were made from the song Rob composed for Candace. The song? Well, it's called, "I'll Be Your Biscuit".Rob, you look quite handsome!So cute!I'll be honest. Where I live, I don't hear the word "hootenanny" very often. I kinda like it!I am obsessed with both of these lovely ceremony pics!Biscuit hour!! And... They had a dude singing songs about biscuits during biscuit hour! STFU!!! I mean...Simple and fabulous centerpieces! Banana pudding? Dear God that sounds amazing! LOVE that Candace and Rob sang a song together at their reception! Candace and Rob... You might just be the most adorable couple in the world! Thank you for sharing your wedding with Bitchless Bride!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Star Noir Studio
Floral Designer/Crown: LB Floral
Biscuits: Tupelo Honey Cafe
Wedding Coordinator: Kate Campbell
Cupcake Designer: magpies bakery
Museum: Museum of Appalachia
Caterer: Sweet P's BBQ and Soul House
Other: The Pour Guys
Centerpieces: Napping Cat Flower Farm