Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Horse-Riding Bride, a Beautiful Backyard & an Amazing Farm Wedding

Don't you just love how the sun brings out the red highlights in Renee's hair? What about her uniquely gorgeous wedding dress? Seriously thinking I may have a girl crush on Renee! I mean... who wouldn't? She's fabulous! Right? Anyway... Renee and Andy were married at Renee's parent's farm on a truly perfect day. Their wedding rocks such simple details, although when all of the deets come together, it looks and feels anything but simple. 

Bridey, I love how the bouquets were created using handpicked, local wildflowers. Totally goes with the wild feel of the day. But, one of my fave aspects of Renee and Andy's wedding day that I LOVE? The horse. Yup! The brown and white steed is gorgeous. Renee trots down the aisle, and I fucking love it!! So so so cool! That and the reception rocked live music by some of their closest friends and family, while the guests enjoyed an Indian feast! Bridey, you're going to love this wedding! Happy scrolling...

Love the wedding program... So informal yet intimate.Totally digging the wildflower bouquet!Renee's stunning wedding dress is one of a kind, and as cheesy as it sounds, every bride is one of a kind, so why not wear a dress that is one of a kind, like you? Right?Shut the front door... I love how they are looking at each other!Ewwwwww.... Boys!!! That look is priceless!!Um. Holy shit! I LOVE it!!Let's go get married!!Can I get another holy shit!! WOW! Go Renee!! Lovin' the simplicity of the ceremony...I can see this pic in magazine.There is so much to talk about in this photograph. The purple, homemade cake, the burlap tablecloths, the blue and white tent... Oh my! There's so much character just busting at the seams!This lovely wedding cake was made by Renee's aunt. Stunning pic of Renee!I'll have one of everything! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Indian food! Such a sweet wedding... Thank you for sharing with Bitchless Bride.

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Megan Steen Photography
Band: Brother Peter
Caterer: Charisma of India
Favors & Gifts: Cornelia Bean
Dress Designer: Country Threads
Ring Designer: Heavy Metal Design
Tuxedo & Mens Attire: Moores Clothing For Men
Cake Designer: Rhonda Simcoe Holm