Real Wedding Wednesday ~ ***FLASHBACK*** This Bridey's Got Sauce

Sarah and Joel. Joel and Sarah. I love them. I love them together, and I love them individually. I love Sarah's birdcage veil, tattooed sleeve, purple hair and stunning wedding dress. At the same time, I love Joel's red hair, sexy beard and grey and cornflower blue tuxedo. But, most of all, bridey? I love the sparks I see when you put these two awesome individuals together. Seriously, they are definitely sparkalicious. And you know what else? So is their wedding.

According to Nicki Hufford Photography, Sarah and Joel's wedding was chock full of color, love, humor and laughter. And the photographs don't lie... Scroll down, bridey, scroll down and not only will you see amazing photographs, but you'll also see what it means to have a wedding that is FAB and FUN! 

Sarah's purple hair is rockin' my world! So understated, yet gorgeous at the same time.Have you ever seen clouds like that? I mean, other than in The Simpsons?Sand ceremony under a beautiful arch.L.O.V.E.This might be one of my favorite wedding photographs ever!Bhaaaaa!That's funny!Lovin' the humor! Clearly, this bridal party is having fun!Sarah, you look fucking FAB!!!I love how each layer is a different design.Break it down!Hmmmmmmmm.......Love this one... And I also love how Sarah changed out of those blue shoes into those adorbs flats!Seriously? That pic of the bridal party? FUCKING AWESOME! Kinda reminds me of album art!I mean... I got nothin'... Just love them!

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PhotographerNicki Hufford Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights