Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Romantic, Rustic and Super Colorful Castle Wedding

So, Kat and Jamy got married in a castle in Connecticut. I mean... Doesn't that just seem so luxurious? Right? Say it out loud with me... "Kat and Jamy got married in a castle." I love the way that sounds, and I wish you could hear the fancy way I say it! Anyway... I'll put the booze down. So, besides the whole castle thing, I heard that Kat and Jamy were a pretty awesome, laid back couple who had a wonderful wedding day. Bridey, that's what it's all about. No, not the castle, the being laid back and awesome part! Seriously, there is no reason to not enjoy your wedding day!

And, there is no reason why you aren't going to LOVE the shit out of this wedding. As you scroll down, there is a cool l'il surprise for you to appreciate. It's so FAB that I kinda got stuck on this one (big) detail. Don't ask, just see for yourself! Enjoy!
I mean.... Awwwww...
Kat, that is one hell of a diamond!
Can we just talk about fucking awesome that pic is?
These girls clearly have a great time together! And....They look damn good doing it! 
Hello handsome.
I couldn't do that. I could totally see myself reaching around that door, grabbing my hus and planting a big kiss on him!
I love everything about this shot. The lighting, the drama, the gigantic urn of flowers...
That's a FAB kiss!
Yeah... That's a sailboat. Isn't that crazy? The wedding is at castle, and there is a fucking abandoned sailboat behind the property!
OMG...I can't get past it... The boat is strange, but it definitely makes for awesome photographs!!
I am in love with their escort cards! 
Who wouldn't feel like a queen and king at this table?
Thank you Kat and Jamy for sharing your beautiful wedding with Bitchless Bride! I think it's fair to say that I'm pretty obsessed with the sailboat!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Tiny Human Photography LLC
Event Planner: Blue Feather Creative
Cake DesignerJCakes
Event VenueBill Miller's Castle
Shoes: Betsy Johnson
Ring Designer: Nagi Jewelers
Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom Rack
Makeup Artist: Salon Massimo