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Fantasy Friday ~ My Almost Wedding

A common question I get from Bitchless Bride readers, and from my brides? "BB, if you DID go through with your wedding instead of eloping, what would it have been like?" So, today, I thought I would share what my fantasy was with you, brideys, because it would have been a fucking fantastic party with a sexy ambiance, exceptional food (I mean, just LOOK at that tuna tartare above!!) and booze and killer shoes. Seriously, this post is filled with wedding planning awesomeness, so keep reading.

Before we decided on Vegas, we put a deposit down on an out of the ordinary venue. Our favorite restaurant.... It was out of the ordinary because they hadn't ever done a wedding in the space before. Which is crazy to me because it screams, "ARE YOU A COOL BRIDE? THEN YOUR WEDDING NEEDS TO BE HERE!" It would have been a challenge, but between their amazing chef, the GM and my skills, it would have been cool. 

The space itself is extremely modern and was begging for some cool lighting... It would have been red; deep, sexy red. And the decor? Very simple with a mixture of high cocktail tables and low cocktail tables. You see, there would not have been a plated dinner... No, no, no... Just a cocktail party with a ton of passed hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and jazz...

The cocktails above? Consider them our signature drinks. The root beer with vodka? For my hus who absolutely loves root beer (and is not the biggest drinker).

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How to Be Hot & Spicy Minus the Bitchy

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I run a small Indian restaurant in a fairly large city. A huge part of our business if catering for weddings which mean I get to deal with crazy brides at least a couple times a week, if not more. 

The one thing I don't understand is why brides won't listen to me when I'm explaining the spice levels of the dishes they want. We are a authentic Indian restaurant, and our food is spicy though we do give you a choice on just how spicy you'd like for it to be. If I, someone who's been doing this for 5 years now, am telling you that its not a good idea to order Chicken Curry hot, it probably isn't. It doesn't matter if you can eat it hot, chances are 99% of your guests can't and are crying after eating two bites.

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