Bitchless Bride will BRB...

As in I'll be right back!

I got a little fire I have to put out on this Friday the 13th!

But, don't worry, brideys! I’ll be right back... And not to get all mushy, but I really do appreciate you, and love all of the feedback you provide me with daily. So for now, remember to follow BB on Twitter, check out my Pinterest page and connect with me on FaceBook to see what's going on in my head.


Image via The Uptown Lounge

There is No Better Friend Than a Sister...

Happy Thanksgiving brideys!! I hope you all made it to where you're supposed to be and are enjoying some time with family and friends. But, wherever you are I hope you are happy to be there... Me? I am quite happy. Yeah, my fucking car might have been stolen (Is There Really Always Something to be Thankful for?) with no word from the police, but I still managed to make it home, and have been enjoying myself ever since. Plus, I have an awesome Thanksgiving story to tell these days...

Putting Things into Perspective... Hurricane Sandy and her Wrath

Here comes my favorite word again, perspective. And after the storm, I feel like it would inconsiderate to write about anything wedding related or super pretty, or pretty bitchy. Because perspective really is the bitch in this scenario… So, I abandoned my original post for today… And it was going to be a good one too. All about Barbie… no really, it was! I had an awesome correlation back to the wedding industry,