Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Stunningly Romantic, Incredibly Beautiful Australian Wedding

I can't even begin to compete with what Hilary Cam wrote about Phillipa and Anurag's Wedding. I just can't! I know my limits, bridey, and frankly, he will write it better because he was there! And what's even better? This is only Day 1 (of 2), the Western Ceremony... The Indian Ceremony is on it's way! Anyway, back to how great Hilary is... Seriously, just read the first line... "I feel like photographing this wedding changed me – made me see with fresh eyes how precious our families are, the importance of far away friendships and reminded me that marriage is more than loving an individual, it is also accepting and embracing their family, friends and culture.

Philippa and Anurag met in Sydney, they now live in London but decided to have their destination wedding back in Australia at the magnificent Bendooley Estate in the Southern Highlands. This venue is overflowing with treasures, pockets of beautiful backdrops; lakes, vineyards, autumn leaves, rolling hills, golden fields and more stories then you could imagine. Philippa and Anurag’s wedding day was drenched with love, their love of music, travel, books and of course family and friends – many of their guests traveling across oceans to share in their day."

OMG! Just look at those wild horses!!Super dapper Anurag!! Absolutely exquisite!"At one point Philippa was nearly hysterical from excitement “I can’t believe today is finally here!”This is probably one of my favorite shots ever!!!Love the programs and the delicious, refreshing pre-ceremony beverage."When Philippa walked down the aisle, we all witnessed a magical moment. Golden light glinting through the pine trees and autumn leaves falling around her. The ceremony was beautiful in so many ways, the location under the pines, the perfect weather after a cold week, the ceremony and the autumn colours.""But I think the most memorable moments was when surprise guest, Abby Dobson, took to the microphone and sang “All you need is love” from The Beatles. All the guests joined in and became her backup singers erupting into song.""Equally as beautiful was when Abby sang her hit “Even when I’m sleeping” – a favourite song of Anurag’s father, he just sat back and closed his eyes listening to the music overcome with emotion."

You did it!!Um... Yeah... This is stunning!!! Soft and fabulous...

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Because Wednesday I'm in Love (Australia Style AGAIN!)

I mean... There are no words. Seriously, I cannot even begin to put into words how absolutely awesome (sorry mom! I used the word "awesome" again!) this photograph is. Right? Who's with me? This is SO much better than smashing messy cake in each other's face (and a whole lot cleaner too)! Not only does it make for a fantastic photo, but it certainly encapsulates a memorable wedding day moment. Come to think of it... to me, this picture seems to capture the energy of the event. It's pure happiness.

Some weddings just speak to me, and this wedding? Well, it really spoke to me. I must have gone through these photographs a million times, not because I was arranging the order for the post, but because they feel meaningful to me even though I wasn't there and don't even know the bride and groom. No, I haven't been hitting the sauce, brideys, but, nonetheless, I feel totally intoxicated and my body warm with love.

What grabbed me about this wedding is the simplicity. The bride and groom seem completely at ease; it's clear that they are enjoying every second of their day, and the intimate group of guests are relishing in the glow of the beautiful surroundings.

Justine's wedding dress is lovely. I am downright melting over the beadwork, and the fit? A MAZ ING!

The hair and makeup are just beautiful. The three flowers off to the side... priceless.

OMG... How adorable is the groom? Seriously! As I mentioned, I have seen these pictures a million times, and each time I see this particular one of Angus, I want to hug him.

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Wedding + Australia + Kangaroos = AWESOME

What if I told you that today's real wedding had kangaroos? Would you believe me? Didn't think so! But, it totally does! No, really! It does! I mean... How awesome is that? Julie and Sam planned a destination wedding in Australia complete with kangaroos! Well, I doubt that they actually planned for the kangaroos, but either way, the pictures are insanely cool regardless!

Julie and Sam wanted a relaxed, fun-filled day to share with their family and friends. Not to mention great food and some tasty wine. Enter the Willow Tree Estate... As I always say, that if you want amazing wine at your wedding, then plan it at a winery... And while you're at it, book all the guest rooms at the estate so that your guests can enjoy the fabulous wine too.

From the photographer, Hilary Cam: "There is nothing quite as charming as a low-key Friday wedding in the Hunter Valley. Sam and Julie were so easy going and the outdoor celebration was an atmosphere of close-knit friends, heartfelt warmth and country simplicity. The photo opportunities flowed as naturally as the sun set."

So, brideys, I want you to really to enjoy this incredibly laid back and beautiful wedding. This wedding is proof that you CAN have the wedding you want (kangaroos and all), if you take a step back and focus on why you're getting married in the first place. Right?

Beaming with happiness... (And the garden is lovely too!)

This picture feels like it is out of a movie... Seriously, it's just so cool that I feel like M83 should be playing in the background, and the director is about to yell, "Cut!" Am I losing my marbles? Or can you see it too?