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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Green, Australian Wedding in a Trio of Teepees!!

If this pic looks somewhat familiar, you're not hallucinating. In May 2014, I posted a kickass real wedding with fox cake toppers and fox related called, 'The Fantastic Mr. & Mrs. Fox'. That B+G (Kate and John) loved foxes, and it's also their last name. And while this bride and groom, Laura and Ryan, won't be rockin' Mr. and Mrs. Fox, they do rock among the coolest fucking weddings ever! The details are spectacular (check out the invitations below!), and the teepee? OMG! AWESOME! Who gets married in a teepee? Laura and Ryan do!

As avid outdoor people, the ceremony was held in the heart of the Aussie bush while guests were serenaded with the lovely sounds of bellbirds that chimed in as the string trio played. I mean... Can you imagine? WOW! Laura said, "It was the most magical day of celebration surrounded by all the best things – the beauty of nature, our closest family and friends, great food and music and our love for each other." It really doesn't get much better than that, right? Right! Enjoy!

So so so cute and unique!WOW! That bouquet is absolutely mesmerizing!Creepy awesome.There's a black cat in this pic. LOVE!Laura... You are breathtaking! I love your dress and the birdcage veil!I love how Hilary Cam sets the scene.Clever.Such a cutie! And, I love her dress too!Let's get out of here for a bit...

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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Blushing, Bitchless and Beautiful Bride

To say that I 'love' this wedding would be a giant understatement! Seriously, when Haylee emailed me the link to her wedding photographs, I was absolutely thrilled! There were so many fun and gorgeous elements, that I almost didn't know where to look first! That, AND the story of how the bride and groom met and where he proposed is priceless! Almost unreal actually. 

The two cent tour? Haylee and Mark met at friend's birthday party, and he proposed in Thailand at the Elephant Nature Park where they were volunteering and looking after sick, maltreated elephants. Holy shit! Are you falling over yet? Because... and this is just a guess, but most of us would write a check (or maybe that's just me), and they were volunteering to take care of these poor, sick, maltreated elephants! OMG! Right? How fucking amazing is that? I mean, if Haylee didn't say "yes", then I'm pretty sure the stars would never align again! Anyway... Enjoy this fabulous wedding! Let the inspiring begin!

Apparently, they asked the kids who were invited to the wedding to share their definitions of love (as read out loud by the celebrant) and the flower girl, Ella, said "I love Michael Jackson, I wish he was my Dad." LOL!!!I love that the guys are doing shots! CHEERS!Mark is quite the catch! Haylee said, "Pretty stoke I get to keep him. He has an English accent and everything." HAHA!

DYING over Haylee's wedding dress, and those bridesmaids dresses are awesome! LOVE!!! Sorry, couldn't help it! But, I do!

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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ This Bridey's Got Sauce...

Sarah and Joel. Joel and Sarah. I love them. I love them together, and I love them individually. I love Sarah's birdcage veil, tattooed sleeve, purple hair and stunning wedding dress. At the same time, I love Joel's red hair, sexy beard and grey and cornflower blue tuxedo. But, most of all, bridey? I love the sparks I see when you put these two awesome individuals together. Seriously, they are definitely sparkalicious. And you know what else? So is their wedding.

According to Nicki Hufford Photography, Sarah and Joel's wedding was chock full of color, love, humor and laughter. And the photographs don't lie... Scroll down, bridey, scroll down and not only will you see amazing photographs, but you'll also see what it means to have a wedding that is FAB and FUN! 

Sarah's purple hair is rockin' my world! So understated, yet gorgeous at the same time.Have you ever seen clouds like that? I mean, other than in The Simpsons?Sand ceremony under a beautiful arch.L.O.V.E. This might be one of my favorite wedding photographs ever!Bhaaaaa! That's funny!Lovin' the humor! Clearly, this bridal party is having fun!

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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A FABU, Low Budget Elopement

You know that I am a sucker for an elopement, right? Because, as you all know, I eloped, so I have a total soft spot for the chicks and guys who say, "Screw what everybody thinks, we are going to this this our way!" And then they do that that. Take Cady and Sean for instance. They eloped one November day in their home city of Seattle, Washington. And, what better place than at the top of the Seattle Space Needle? Sooooo, with only their best friends present, they were pronounced them husband and wife high up in the sky where nobody could actually see them! How awesome is that?!

Lionlady (Photography): "Cady found her vintage, affordable dress on ModCloth, and her accessories in local boutiques. Her mother crafted her bouquet from flowers found at Pike Place Market, a downtown Seattle staple. After the small reception held at Ten Mercer, a local Seattle restaurant, Cady and Sean drove to Whistler, a ski resort in British Colombia for their honeymoon."

I'm kinda dying over all of the details.Simple dress and lovely plum shoes...Gorgeous flowers and I LOVE the birdcage veil!Wow... Sean, you're so handsome!BEST. LOOK. EVER.

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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ FABULOUS Backyard Wedding

I'm pretty sure I have a girl crush on Holly. No, I really do. Yeah, Holly's the stunningly fabulous, effortlessly cool bride in these photographs. Her mom created the cool ass birdcage veil, and her wedding dress is from BHLDN. Emily, the photographer said that:

"Holly and Shane met 12 years ago when they were both traveling through Europe. As life would have it, though, they were not yet ready to settle down (what 16 year old really is, after all?). Fast forward a decade, add some higher education, a couple trips around the world and some major growing up, and you’ll find yourself at August 18, 2012, where this seemingly destined couple said their vows to one another in the backyard of Holly’s father in East Grand Rapids, Michigan."

So brideys, please enjoy this amazing eye candy, and you know what? Learn a little bit too... Because this wedding? Well, it's the kind of wedding you want to make your own.

One of the coolest parts of a backyard wedding? Getting ready at home where everybody is comfortable and happy. 

Seriously? How cute is Holly? I mean...

I love the red shoes! I love that they are all different to go with all of the different shades of turquoise bridesmaids dresses!

Hell yeah! Lift 'em up! Oh, and what's YOUR something blue?

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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Retro Elopement in Vegas!

I love this couple! Seriously, I love them so much... And maybe it's because I'm a teeny tiny bit partial because I also eloped in Las Vegas, but seeing how they look at each other makes me feel like I know them! Or like I just want to be near them. Does that make any sense? C'mon! You know what I mean! Anyway... Tara and Tim met through friends, and just one year later, they got hitched! Amazing right? But, bridey, when you know, you know. Right?

The other thing I love? Their style. Tara looks stunning with her gorgeous makeup, the birdcage veil and her cool ass dress, and Tim rocks Vegas in his a fedora and suspenders. Check it out!

Look how pretty Tara is without makeup! As a self proclaimed girly girl, this chick looks hot even without the frills...  

I just LOVE Vegas. A picture with the sign is a must!

These two photographs make me happy. The emotion shining through the details is just beautiful. (Yes, BB can get a bit mushy... occasionally, bridey! Don't get used to it!)

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