Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Because Wednesday I'm in Love (Australia Style AGAIN!)

I mean... There are no words. Seriously, I cannot even begin to put into words how absolutely awesome (sorry mom! I used the word "awesome" again!) this photograph is. Right? Who's with me? This is SO much better than smashing messy cake in each other's face (and a whole lot cleaner too)! Not only does it make for a fantastic photo, but it certainly encapsulates a memorable wedding day moment. Come to think of it... to me, this picture seems to capture the energy of the event. It's pure happiness.

Some weddings just speak to me, and this wedding? Well, it really spoke to me. I must have gone through these photographs a million times, not because I was arranging the order for the post, but because they feel meaningful to me even though I wasn't there and don't even know the bride and groom. No, I haven't been hitting the sauce, brideys, but, nonetheless, I feel totally intoxicated and my body warm with love.

What grabbed me about this wedding is the simplicity. The bride and groom seem completely at ease; it's clear that they are enjoying every second of their day, and the intimate group of guests are relishing in the glow of the beautiful surroundings.

Justine's wedding dress is lovely. I am downright melting over the beadwork, and the fit? A MAZ ING!

The hair and makeup are just beautiful. The three flowers off to the side... priceless.

OMG... How adorable is the groom? Seriously! As I mentioned, I have seen these pictures a million times, and each time I see this particular one of Angus, I want to hug him.