Blue and Green Wedding

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ The Perfect 'Pear'

You all know that Bitchless Bride is soooooo not a DIYer, so I have a great deal of respect for those brideys who are... Right? Well, Shonte is a true DIY bride who was completely hands on in every aspect of the wedding planning. Just take a look at all of these incredible details. They make me happy. And you know what? I kinda love the pears. Like really fucking love the pears. Anyway, I adore the green, blue and white, but most of all? I adore Shonte and Katakyie. 

Notes from Lash to Lens: Shonte and Katakyie met in 2001 while they both were attending the Rochester Institute of Technology. After their first meeting the two quickly became close friends. However, Katakyie ended up transferring to another school and their communication was lost soon after.

Eight years later the two reconnected over AOL instant messenger. Katakyie was living in the Bronx, New York and Shonte in Atlanta, Georgia, at the time. The two rekindled their friendship and overtime their love for each other grew past their distance. In July 2010, Shonte and Katakyie made their relationship official and chose to have a long distance relationship for almost two years until Shonte finally decided to follow her heart and move to New York to be with Katakyie. The lovely couple has been inseparable ever since. 

Shonte is so gorgeous...

This little girl is adorable! I'm thinking I see a little tiara, no?

I mean... Shonte is absolutely stunning!