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Super Stylish Sunday ~ A Wicked Awesome Boston Wedding

I couldn't help it... I had to say wicked awesome. Feels like everybody I know from Boston says it, so this was my chance to fit in. How did I do? Anyway, are you in complete awe of this photograph? I mean... the Boston Fire truck and the American Flag? I say that's WICKED AWESOME! Right?

So, Ryan is a firefighter with Scottish roots, and Alyssa is such a stunning bride! Not too mention that I am freaking the fuck out over the bagpiper! Seriously, who doesn't love a good bagpiper? The minute the pipes start going, I get shivers down my spine. And this one? Well, he's absolutely adorable and wearing a kilt! Sign me up! Yeah... I have issues. 

OMG! Just wait until you see the "entertainment" during cocktail hour! Only in Boston... I swear. Oh! And brideys, you're going to completely die over the stunning flowers and amazing venue. This is one you def can't miss! Enjoy!

These girls look like they are on a movie set. Right? I LOVE the robes!

What are friends for? I mean if you can't trust your girls to button your wedding dress, and put your shoes on, then you've picked the wrong chicks!This could be a postcard.

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