Bridal Shower

Fantasy Friday ~ A Kickass, Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower!! OMFG!!!

Holy shit, bridey. Just wait! This is the only bridal shower I have ever posted on Bitchless Bride (aside from this styled shoot), and it's awesome! Um, it's Kate Spade inspired so OF COURSE it's going to be awesome! And, you know what? It better be awesome. Because the bride, Stacy? Well, she and her best friend own a wedding rental shop. Yeah... So, if it sucked, then it would make everybody in the hospitality industry look bad.

Bridey, if your 'maids are going to throw you a bridal shower, then direct them to this post for inspiration! I mean, the food, the décor, and even the bridal shower BINGO are amazing! Seriously, there are so many little details to revel in encapsulated in this post, that I just had to share it with you. Enjoy!!!
Lovin' the black balloons and the girls holding hands...
Fucking FABULOUS favor!!! Gimmie!!
I've mentioned how much I love a sequined cloth, and this gold cloth is totally getting me all hot and bothered! 
Hello mimosa bar, I think I love you.
These FAB cookies were made by the bride's soon to be sister-in-law! WOW!
Oh! And the naked cake was made by her soon to be mother-in-law! This girl is certainly marrying into a "sweet" family. Sorry... It was there, and I took it! 
OMG. See the tray of bacon? Mine!
STFU. Mini pancakes with pom poms!!
Love the shoes, and I love the Kate Spade inspired "Bridal Bingo"!
Note the nail polish, watch and dress. Holy Kate Spade!!!
Thank you for sharing this awesome Kate Spade inspired bridal shower with Bitchless Bride. Tons of cool ideas to replicate!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: B. Jones Photography
Equipment Rentals: Snohomish Rental Co

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Fantasy Friday ~ Sip-Sip Hooray! A Fabulous, Glamorous, Same Sex, Styled Bridal Shower Shoot

I fucking love this styled shoot, bridey! Like, LOVE IT! Not only is there a ton of inspiration for you to feed off of, but it just goes to show you what a group of talented wedding vendors can do when they collaborate without boundaries (the boundaries sometimes being, you, bridey). When Laura Dee of Laura Dee Photography submitted this, she said that, “The idea behind this shoot was, "If Carrie Bradshaw married Charlotte York, how would that all look?" Well, I think they nailed it! It’s super glam, super fabulous and super kickass.

Seriously, there are so many things I love about this shoot, but if I had to name a few, I would mention that I am totally OB SESSED with the build-your-own cocktail bar! I mean, the moonshine will definitely knock you on your ass, but who cares! When you have some awesome food to go with it (just wait until you see the GORGE cakes!), what’s a ‘lil moonshine… Right? That's what I always say... Also, sequined backdrop for the photo booth definitely got my attention! This entire shoot can be easily incorporated into modernly FAB wedding or shower. So, go enjoy this one… I sure did!

Awwww.... That's tater tot, the one eyed pug. Um, yeah... You know my obsession with cake, and these are fucking awesome!Sip-sip hooray!!!! Love this idea! Love the bright menus!This is an incredible shot. I mean... It's so fucking amazing!Everybody is having such a great time. Well, I'm guessing the moonshine had a little to do with that...So cute!Bhaaaaa.... That's hilarious!Thank you for sharing Laura!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Laura Dee Photography
Cake Designer: A Little Imagination Cakes
Invitation Designer: AvantGarde Design
Dress Stores: Bliss Bridal CT & Julie Allen Bridals
Floral Designer: Datura: a Modern Garden
Event Planner: ESTOccasions
Event Designer: General Eclectic Rentals
Specialty Foods: Onyx Moonshine
Makeup Artist: The Beauty Bar
Jewelry: theNOTCH jewelry

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Fantasy Friday ~ A Cajun, Louisianian, Nautical Inspired Bridal Shower Shoot

If this styled shoot doesn't give you some colossal inspiration, bridey, then I'm afraid you're screwed. Just kidding, but seriously, this shoot is so awesomely bright and fabulous that it is sure to inspire even the uninspirable! If nothing else, it will totally brighten your day! Perfect for a Friday, right? You see, when a group of fabulous vendors get together and aren't bound by limitations, this is the shit they come up with; unabashed, bold and kickass events (or styled shoots)!

Not only is this is a fantastic idea for a lovely bridal shower, but these elements incorporated into your wedding day would certainly add some serious heat! Aggressive colors with amazing decor would definitely get people talking. Want to stand out, bridey? Then STAND OUT! Be bold! Don't know how? Then scroll down! Enjoy!

Amazing place setting! I love the place card. I love the wine glass. I love EVERYTHING about this!Great idea for message in a bottle!You know me and my love for cake... And this one is no exception. Simple and elegant.
Don't you want to be there? I totally do!! And if you look down, you'll DEFINITELY want to be there!Oysters anybody? If you have an oyster bar at your wedding, I'd say you'd be pretty popular!I love this shoot! I feel super inspired! I feel super happy! If nothing else, I'm super thirsty definitely craving a cocktail.

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Sweet Lovely
Makeup Artist: Ashley Sievert Beauty
Equipment Rentals: Event Rentals
Invitation Designer: Fiore Creative
Lighting: Firefly Ambiance
Dress Store: Haus 131
Other: Mrs. Vintage
Hair Stylist: Nicole Pigeon
Floral Designer: Poppy & Mint Floral Company
Event Planner: Southern Charm Weddings
Other: Sweet Lovely Weddings
Cake Designer: The Royal Bakery

The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ Horror and Heartbreak

I feel like every other week on BB I'm writing about some awful tragedy. A few weeks ago it was the marathon bombings in Boston, and now there is a whole other kind tragedy that is just pulling at my heartstrings one by one. This story is so completely heartbreaking that since I heard about it, I've been walking around feeling like I might puke my guts out. On Saturday night a limo carrying nine women on their way to a bridal shower burst into flames killing the bride and four of her friends. Thankfully, the other four girls made it out of the car before it became engulfed, but sadly, the other five perished.  

Fabulous Friday ~ The Story Behind the Invitation

I’m not gonna lie… I kinda hate getting invited places. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties and honestly, sometimes even getting invited to a wedding makes my stomach turn. It’s that just horrifying? I’m a wedding planner who prides herself on creating and executing a kickass parties, but when I’m invited to a party I don’t plan? Well, I’d rather stay home watching shit TV instead of forcing myself to get off of my ass and have a good time. I am pathetic, I know… But, here’s the thing. After much thought, I realized that it all comes down to the invitation. If the invitation sucks or is completely lackluster, then almost immediately, I am turned off. And no amount of Viagra is going to fix my problem. It’s gone. I’m utterly deflated, and what’s worse? I’m already bored.

The invitation has to be the gateway to the experience. Period. The end. Especially if we are talking about a bridal shower or the bachelorette party… Seriously, if I receive a basic invitation to a fabulous party, then how the hell am I supposed to know that it will actually be a fabulous party? I don’t,