Fantasy Friday ~ The Center Peace

I am OBSESSED with Melanie. Like totally, unequivocally obsessed with her. Who's Melanie? Well, you see that absolutely adorable bride up there? Yeah, that's Melanie. And when Melanie emailed me her hilarious wedding story, I fell over. I died. Not only did she do an amazing job capturing each and every emotion she felt during her wedding planning, but she's fucking funny! Seriously, I bet that if Mel and I hung out over a few cocktails, we'd either get kicked out of the bar or the whole bar would have a good time watching us dish. The coolest part? When she emailed her wedding photographs to go with her story, I was in complete awe. 

Check it out:

The Center Peace ~ by Melanie Vare

After the sixth batch of centerpiece emails with my design savvy girlfriends - it hit me what I had become. I promised my fiancé that I wouldn’t be the type of girl who gets all consumed by the nitty-gritty details of planning a wedding. But, here’s the problem, centerpieces don’t just walk up on to the tables themselves! Someone’s got to create the wedding vision. And, someone’s got to execute it.

I heard that in the old days the groom used to plan the wedding. I’d like to see pictures of those centerpieces — bowls of potato chips and buckets of beer. My fiancé informed me that if it were up to him there would be no centerpieces at all. In his defense, this was after I made the rookie mistake of running by him, my gamut of ideas. Guys do not like ideas. Especially centerpiece ideas, which ranged from lemon trees at each table to a gorgeous medley of yellow flowers and yellow fruits. Our color was obviously yellow...along with gray, but I decided to ignore that color since the only gray flowers and fruits were either dead or moldy.

(That's their comedian officiant... Can't you see it?!!)

My fiancé gasped at my endless ideas, especially the lemon tree.

“Really? He asked. “A lemon tree?”

Then he let out a long, deep groan. It was the same confused cry I heard him make a few days earlier. I remember running frantically to our home office, wondering who had died or what kind of shenanigans the Tea Party had gotten into now. But instead, my fiancé spun around in his black leather office chair and behind him I could see he was logged on to our Crate & Barrel registry.

(This video is 42 seconds, and it's called, "Any Objections". You MUST watch it! Remember, the officiant is a comedian!) 

“A mango slicer!? He asked.

I thought he’d be thrilled

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Who Wants a Ride on the Carousel?

Emily and Bobby wanted a venue that was on the water; something that was like a "blank canvas" so they could personalize it. Lighthouse Point Park was exactly what they were looking for... Totally simple, yet pretty in a beautiful park on Long Island Sound. And the best part? It had an antique carousel inside! I know, right? Did I mention that it was a working carousel? At a wedding? How fabulous is that??

Something I can totally relate to (besides loving a cool ass wedding with a carousel in the reception space)? Emily's favorite color is pink! So, there was no question as to the wedding colors. Plus, Bobby and his groomsmen were happy to rock pink ties (which they rocked quite well if I do say so...) with pink and gray argyle socks to compliment the girls’ dresses.

Something I can't relate to, but totally respect? This wedding was made particularly beautiful because of the several DIY projects. So many, that Emily's mom began referring to the wedding as “the wedding of a million pieces,” because the various supplies that went into making their day beautiful... From beads and ribbons to flip-flips and sea-shells. And while the small details were important, they really just wanted to throw one big, fantastic party! They wanted everyone to have an awesome time celebrating their marriage, and based on the pictures you are about to see? They accomplished their goal!

1. Bridey, how did you meet your spouse? (The short and sweet version please.)

Bobby & I met at college at Fairfield University. I was a freshmen and he was a senior. I went to a party at his townhouse with some of my friends, and the rest is basically history!

2. How long were you together before you were engaged?

We were together for about 4 years before getting engaged.

3. What was the length of time between the engagement and the wedding?

About 2.5 years, we were engaged in January 2010 and married in September 2012.

4. Where did your wedding take place? (venue, city and state)

The ceremony took place at the Egan Chapel of Saint Ignatius Loyola on the campus of Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT. The reception took place at The Carousel at Lighthouse Point Park, New Haven, CT.

5. If you don't mind my asking, what was your budget, and where did you choose to spend most of it?