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Fantasy Friday ~ Chocolate Wedding! Utensils Not Included...
Are you completely dying over the bacon photo? I know, right? I am too! I want to jump through the screen and have my way with it! Seriously... I mean, look how incredibly crispy and perfectly cooked that bacon is! And to dunk it in chocolate? AMAZING!

So, I think at this point you all know that I am obsessed with food and in particular, chocolate, right? So, for today's Fantasy Friday, I thought of something so totally batshit crazy that I am freaking out at its awesomeness. What if you were invited to a wedding where everything was made from chocolate deliciousness, but the only caveat was that you had to use your hands? No silverware would be provided. The tables would be set beautifully, but all utensils would cease to exist.

You think I'm crazy, don't you? I know, but it's pretty fucking cool right? Clearly you'd have to set the dress code accordingly on the invitation, and cover your bases by providing dish towels instead of napkins, perhaps a bib or two, but your wedding would definitely be an entirely new experience for all!

Okay, look up... See those? They are prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella panini. To me, they are the perfect amount of salt and sweet. These would be passed during cocktail hour. Your guests will still feel completely satiated, but with a twist.

Now look down... See that gorgeous tray? I'm about to get pretty fancy on you... Those are crispy sweetbreads, with milk chocolate-hazelnut crunch, pate de fruits. You're drooling, aren't you? No? You're not? Look bridey, get over the sweetbreads thing, and bite into this explosion of culinary fantasticalness, okay?

Gotta have chocolate covered potato chips on all of the cocktail tables, right?

Still in the cocktail hour... How about some chocolate sea salt crostini to go with your Pinot Noir? Delicious! Or some chocolate and Brie panini?
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