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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Rustic, Tented, Coffee and Wine Lovin' California Wedding

I feel like you, brideys, are going to absolutely swoon over the details of this wedding. (Yes, I said, "swoon"get over it...) There is so much to look at, and so much to love about Kayte and Jason's wedding, that I really won't waste a lot of time typing. The only thing I will say is that I could totally see this wedding (particularly this photograph) gracing magazine covers around the world. Right? A beautiful bride... sorry, more like a beautiful couple, a stunning dress and a bright and colorful merry-go-round. All of the elements, which make up a FAB inspirational shoot, no? But, this is no shoot it's real life. And it's AWESOME!

So, get ready to drool, bridey, as you scroll down the page because this is such a well executed, well thought out, and fun-filled wedding that you won't want to leave. Enjoy!

OMG! Is this not the BEST looking group of girls? Holy shit! Wowza!Absolutely OB SESSED with Kayte's gown. OBSESSED! I mean, the dress alone is amazing, but the embellishments? WOW!Again... GORGEOUS girls, amazing bride and a cool ass backdrop!I am busting over Jason's white tux! They are a damn fine looking couple.I mean... Kayte, you are an insanely beautiful bride. Oh, and Jason, you're quite dapper.

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Fantasy Friday ~ I Dream in Coffee

First of all... Could you bust? I've seen this photograph a million times before, but it dawned on me as I was putting this piece together just how fucking awesome it would be to finish a morning coffee and see, "Marry Me," at the bottom of the cup. Right? That is almost my fantasy (if only I could go back in time!)...

As you all know if you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest that I am completely obsessed, perhaps even addicted to coffee, espresso, and anything that contains this deliciously powerful drug. Seriously, it's the very first thing I do in the morning, and it is an absolute necessity around 3 PM. So, I thought for Fantasy Friday, I would incorporate my two favorite things together: coffee and weddings.

I'm not gonna lie. Normally, when I think of the color brown, I think "gross". And even though I wrote this post and found all of the stunning pics, I actually amazed myself. I mean, look how pretty brown can be? Look how pretty brown can be as a wedding color? Right? And because today is Friday, I thought that if I put my two faves together, it would be one hell of a fantasy! 

Look up at that cool ass wedding invitation! How fabulous would it be to receive such a fantastic invitation in the mail?!! Certainly one that I would remember, and not be so quick to toss aside. Or the contemporary invite below? AMAZING!! "IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIP"!!!!

Stop the fucking press! Who wouldn't completely fall over to wear this totally gorgeous wedding dress? Yeah, it's coffee colored. Honestly, I would never think to look for something like this... THAT'S why it's Fantasy Friday, brideys! Allow me to show you what you never knew you wanted...

Check out those bridesmaids. Stunning, right? First of all, those dresses could totally be worn again, and secondly, they do say that weddings are a fantastic place for the bridesmaids to get some... I wouldn't throw any of these chicks outta bed! RIIIIGHHHHHHTTTT??? For me, more proof that brown can be beautiful.

The peonies above? Not real.

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