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Super Stylish Sunday ~ Whimsical Wonder Wheel

I love this wedding. Seriously, how cool are the bride and groom? Hold on, let me count the ways... Let's see... They live in Brooklyn, NY, Joseph (the groom) is rockin' a rad fedora, Ashley is OWNING an incredible, feather headpiece and they're eating a fucking hot dog!! LOVE IT!!! But, the best part? Look how much fun they're having! I mean... Just look at them chomping that dog! Although if they weren't having fun, then something would be very, very wrong! Right? And would you look at that boutonniere! Or the HOT red tie? FAB U LOUS!

Because Ashley and Joseph are about to have their first anniversary, I thought I would celebrate with them by sharing their wedding in my Super Stylish section (um, because it's so fucking fantastic and stylish, duh). So, happy anniversary Ashley and Joe! Thank you for sharing your coolness with BB!

So... You know what? The ceremony was supposed to be on the Wonder Wheel (AWESOME), but they were painting it in preparation for Memorial Day, so it ended up being held on the Boardwalk instead. 

Look how strikingly beautiful Ashley is? Right? It doesn't hurt that she is a superstar marathon runner!

I picture her yelling to her guests that, "C'mon on people, it's time for the ceremony!"

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"Duel" Maid of Honors

Story Submitted by "Misery Maid"

I was very surprised when a friend asked me to be her "Co-Maid of Honor." First of all, at that point we were seeing each other maybe 3 times a year despite living in the same city, and secondly, I'd never heard of a CO-Maid of Honor. Turns out, there's a good reason for that!

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