Coral Wedding

Fantasy Friday ~ Dueling Pianos, Ominous Skies and a Beautiful Wedding in the Wisconsin Dells

I haven't been to the Wisconsin Dells since I was a kid, but I remember loving it then (duh, the water slide parks and duck tours... totally amaze for a nine year old!), and now that I see Sarah and Matt's fabulous and fun wedding, I think I love the Dells even more. While I was too young to drink back then, I'm definitely not now, and I cannot get over the homemade beer (something brewed) that the B+G served to their guests. How kickass is that? AND... You tag your "brew" with labels like "Clouded Judgement" or "Brides Remorse"... I'll let you guess which one BB would tag! 

Anyway, Sarah and Matt were quite lucky as the forecast wasn't totally agreeable, but the rain did hold out for them and ultimately created one hell of a backdrop! Enjoy this lovely wedding, and let me know which brew you'd be, bridey!!

Gorgeous flowers and the bodice of that dress... A MAZ ING!Love the lime green ties!!OMG! Could ya' bust? SO SO SO cute!!!Love the stationary!Looks like such a fun bunch of maids and men!WOW! Look at the skies behind them! The only thing missing is a rainbow!Let's go party!Um. Hi. I love you.I love the bright colors and wine bottle vases!Hey, bridey!! What would your tag say?I would guess that when you have a dueling piano band as your entertainment, shit could get crazy!Bring it people!!! Love this wedding!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Tara Draper Photography
Event Venue: Trappers Turn Golf Course
Cake: Colleen's Cakes
Band: Felix and Fingers

Fantasy Friday ~ A Ventura Beach, Ocean Front, Mismatched Bridesmaids Wearing Kickass Wedding

If I had to guess, I would say that the bride and groom are definitely water signs. And you know what, bridey, you’re probably going to agree with me after you browse these beautiful photographs. You see, Shelby and Daniel are avid water sports enthusiasts. Wake boarding and surfing is their passion, so it would only make sense to get married at the beach, right? Right. They wanted their wedding photos to reflect their love of the sea and the sand, and I would say that they did a wonderful job building their mutual charisma for the ocean into their wedding. 

Another cool ‘lil tid bit? The wedding was held on the beach near their new home. I mean, how fucking FAB is that? Talk about having everything come together!! New home, new hus and a kickass wedding down the beach? Pretty cool! Plus, I’m a little obsessed with the colors scheme for this wedding. Seriously, Shelby did an amazing job choosing her palette! Coral and ocean blue! FABULOUS! Check out the mismatched bridesmaids dresses; they are absolutely GORGE. I totally love how they are within the same orangey color spectrum, and yet each are entirely different, but in complete harmony. Go see for yourself!!

Just LOOK at those bridesmaids dresses!! I really love them!Those are the RSVPs. Not only are they awesome, but I love that they are hanging up and that Shelby and Daniel's guests had the chance to write something fun on the card!!Such a fine looking couple! Love the pedi, Shelby!It really doesn't get better than that, huh? Great shot!!Lovely succulents!Amazing idea for escort cards! 

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Nothing I could possibly say about Andi and Matt's romance could match what the bride has said herself. So, you know what? I'm not going to try. Here is the love story brought to you by the lovely bride herself.

Take it away Andi! "I was working at the Screen Actor's Guild and my co-worker Marcus and I ditched work at noon on St. Patrick's day to hit up the bars on Fairfax in LA. Marcus lived down the street so at the end of the evening we ended up at a place called the Little Bar which was across the street from his house. (it's actually a super cute Boston themed bar) He invited his new roommate to come hang out with us and it turns out that it happened to be Matt. We immediately hit it off and started discussing our love of all things nerdy (comic con, Joss Whedon, Harry Potter, etc). We ended up going on a date and that was that.

Over the next three years we moved from LA to NY. Matt went back to school for nursing and I ended up taking a job that moved me to Boston and then transferred me back to LA. Last October, Matt drove up to see me in Boston and we took a day trip up to Salem. I LOVE Salem. Especially during October, when the town goes bat-shit crazy for Halloween and everything is decorated. My favorite holiday movie is Hocus Pocus, and every Saturday in October, they show it outside in the Salem Common. We were walking along the water that afternoon and he just pulled me aside and asked me to marry him. I'm sure I said yes, though I don't remember much of anything other than the large ring staring at me."

That dress is stunning! And that backdrop ain't so bad either!I feel like the groom always get neglected when it comes to getting ready shots, and frankly, I find Matt to be too adorable NOT to include him!Andi... WHOA!!!! Holy shit! You look FABU!!!Go ahead... Pin it.C'mon! I wept through these pictures. Honestly, I did!! Sniff... Sniff...

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Penguins Mate for Life

THAT'S a sea turtle. How fucking magnificent is that?!!! I mean, it's cool on it's own, but at a wedding? Now that's fantastic! My GOD... Just think about their wedding album... Right? They have fucking penguins in their photographs! Seriously, how many couples can say that they have a penguin in their wedding album?

Brideys, among the coolest part of this wedding? Minimal necessity for décor. It's not like you need to build in a a specific theme because it's literally swimming behind you. Additionally, an aquarium is certainly a unique venue for a wedding. I gotta be honest, I've never done a wedding at an aquarium. Of course, I've visited an aquarium, but orchestrating an event at one? Never. I think that's why I'm so drawn to Krystal and Ryan's beautiful nuptials... Enjoy!

Go ahead... Test out those lips... Mmmmuuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

I am dying over the coral bridesmaids dresses (and Krystal's coral shoes)!