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Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Goin' Green

I have to be honest. I'm not a big fan of green. I mean, we all have our favorite colors, and green was just never on my radar. Until now. Right fucking now. Seriously... How fucking tremendously FAB is this photograph? The shoes? Totally RAD! And you know what else? Totally memorable (not to mention they're also quite comfy too!). 

Bridey, I hear it all the time... "I just want my wedding to be different. Ya' know what I mean, BB?" Duh... Of COURSE I know what you mean! Who do you think comes up with all of the cool and "different" ideas for your sorry ass? Yeah, that'd be me. Moi. I do. But, not this time. This time, Tiffani and Colin came up with cool and different all by themselves, and were kind enough to share with you (well, me and I am nice enough to share it with you... but, who's keeping score?). 

Who are Tiffani and Colin? Well, Tiffani and Colin are just two lovely people who met at school and wanted nothing more then a small and unique wedding. So, they got married under their favorite tree, danced the night away and wore some super non-fancy shoes. Check it out!

Yup! It's a beautifully short wedding dress! LOVE IT! And the shoes? Fuck yeah!!

Oh mama... Did you notice the green tie?

Errbody wearing the green shoes...

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Cupcakes: Time to Climb Down from that Tree
Maybe it’s because I want to be alone with a pile of cupcakes at this moment (yeah… BB is nursing a gin hangover, and clearly the best remedy is something sweet and possibly even something greasy), or maybe it’s because I’m currently working with some cool-ass brides and have nothing to share with you this second, but I feel like I owe it to the world to write about cupcakes. You see, Bitchless Bride is absolutely obsessed with cupcakes and anything cake related, and when it comes time for your cake tasting, I (as your planner) always find a way to be present whether my opinion is needed or not. But here’s the thing… BB is not a fan of replacing your wedding cake for a cupcake tree.
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