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The Truth Hurts Tuesday ~ All Weddings Are Not Created Equal – Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Bridey, when it comes to what your vendors are going to provide for you, avoid comparing what you heard your vendors did for your best friend, sort of friend, acquaintance or somebody that you know. Because each circumstance is different... Perhaps the caterer threw in an additional passed hors d’oeuvre during cocktail hour for your friend because they received a shitload of short rib that they needed to unload or else it would go bad. Or maybe the florist your acquaintance used was late paying her rent for the very expensive studio she resides in and lowered her pricing so that she would win the business. Your friend got a free cheese display? Perhaps the catering manager at the venue comped the damn display because your friend is awesome and she simply wanted to throw her a bone. Or, you know what? Maybe, they’re all lying or embellishing the truth. Whaaaa? You don’t think that you girls are competing just a bit? So be happy with what you got because as Theodore Roosevelt said, "Comparison is the Thief of Joy".

Whatever the case may be, bridey, I just can’t listen to it anymore! Remember when you told your mom that the whole class failed that stupid fucking geometry test and her retort was that, ahem (imagine your best mom voice), “I don’t care about the rest of the class, I care about you.” UGH! But, you totally remember, don’t you? Well, that is essentially what I am saying to you. When you approach your vendors with deals that they may or may not have made with your peers, it does nothing but piss them off in the same way it pissed off your mother. Because each circumstance is different!!! They are focused on what they are providing to you. And all weddings are not created equal! And frankly, all brides are not created equal. And... you guessed it! Not all "deals" are created equal!

Bridey, if you want a freebie, the worst possible way you can go about asking for it is to say that of your friend, or whomever, got a deal and therefore you want one too. Seriously? That’s just annoying. Be straightforward. Be nice. Show some respect for the vendor with whom you are working, and leave everybody else out of the equation. If something is out of your budget, tell them, and if they are in a position to discount it or offer it to you complimentary, so be it, but let it be their decision. No matter what, if you have been a delight to work with thus far, anything is possible. I told Elizabeth Vargas that when we sat down for a chat. Basically, we (vendors) want to go above and beyond for those clients who treat us with respect. 

Got it? 


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Bitchless Bride's Year in Review ~ 2013 ROCKED!

I have to say, 2013 started with an absolute BANG for Bitchless Bride!! Hmmmmm... I wrote a Wedding Planning Guide, I launched some pretty rad Bitchless Bride T-Shirts, and somehow, a producer at ABC's 20/20 found lil' ol' me, and invited me to the studio to have a chat with Elizabeth Vargas. Holy shit, and that was only January! The clip is below for your viewing pleasure... It's like my 60 seconds of fame!!

While planning numerous weddings and events, I amped up my writing for BB and I continued to write for Huffington Post Wedding, here's one of my absolute faves... "10 Ways Your Mom Can Ruin Your Wedding Day". It wasn't always easy, but when you have passion, nothing can stop you. OMG! Did I just fucking write that? I did. But, it's true.

I have said it before, and I'll say it again, Bitchless Bride might be educational for you, bridey, but it's super theraputic for me. I write, I pin, I tweet and I get pissed off at FaceBook. My favorite moments? Well, take a look:

This Real Wedding ~ How to Have an Incredible Wedding with Tough Family Dynamics and a Small Budget:

Yeah, Erica and Trevor generated 41 comments ranging from angry guests, to both the bride and groom, and many many more... Brideys, this wedding post was SUPER educational (for me too), and provided a glimpse into how weddings can really shake up a family. Go take a look...

Oh! I LOVED this one: 5 Tips on How not to be a Bridey Bitch:


Or this the Mother of the Bride Blues:

BB got a bit more risqué, and absolutely fell in love with boudoir... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one: I'm Sexy and I Know it...

I am super proud of making it onto the Bride Tide's Top 100 List!!! OH YEAH!!!

Phew! 2013 really was a HUGE year! And that's not even the half of it because I certainly don't want to be a bragger! Right? And, I hope you learned a lot bridey, I really do. Because I cannot even tell you enough how much I appreciate your readership! THANK YOU for reading Bitchless Bride... I mean it when I say that your bridal health is truly important to me.

And you know what? My mental health is important to me, so I am going to take a week off, and I will see you next Friday with a new Fantasy Friday. But, never fear... You can always find me on Twitter, FB and Pinterest!





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Bitchless Bride Video #15 - A Bride's Guide to Restaurant Management

Thinking about planning your wedding at restaurant? Well, you're going to want to watch this before you do... Allow me to provide some insight into what most restaurant owners think about weddings...