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I Despise Valentine's Day, But I Love This Valentine's Day Shoot!

I'm not going to lie. I really hate Valentine's Day. I do. I always have. Over the years, it has made me feel like complete shit for being single, and watching everybody else binge on chocolate and make out publicly, or when I've been in a relationship, it made me feel resentful and anxious about the responsibility of having to celebrate something I thought was entirely stupid. Not too mention, if you are in a new relationship, then how do you proceed? What's too much? What's not enough? Right? Hold on... Pause for a flashback girls... Yikes! Totally just thought about an old college flame... Yeah, we broke up two days after Valentine's Day. Thank you Hallmark!

Anyway, I am still a girl, and I still love beautiful pictures, red hearts and delicious candy. So, I thought I'd "get in the spirit", and share an awesome Valentine's Day wedding shoot with you. I am completely dying over the red galoshes, the cool ass bouquet and the wedding dress with the red sash! 

Carrie Wildes Photography describes the shoot: Creative, over the top, and fun, why not? That’s what we were going for to really spark our creative minds with this Valentine’s Day themed session with David and Brandy. The gown and beautiful red sash were created by Anglo Couture. Events in Bloom created a very unique floral effect with a red heart shaped umbrella enveloped by flowers and also a heart shaped cascade bouquet. Hair and makeup, old Hollywood style by Collective Creations. Red galoshes and a sweet picnic with candy, heart shaped donuts, and champagne were the perfect touches.

How incredibly fantastic is that bouquet? Seriously! And I have to admit, those donuts look pretty delicious too... Gimme!! 

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