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Fantasy Friday ~ Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack
So... As you might have guessed by the awesome photographs, today's fantasy Friday is about a kick ass baseball wedding. I grew up going to see ball games with my Dad... We'd sit in the stands sweating in our seats, drinking lemonade and eating hot dogs. I loved every second of it. It was fun hanging out with my father; and having your Dad walk you down the home plate aisle? Priceless.


A ball park is a perfect, less than traditional wedding venue that totally ensures a good time for all... You can get totally crazy with some awesome food, unique signature cocktails, the decor, etc. However, while everything you are going see today is pretty rad, I wanted to hone in on the thought process of ticket sales. HUH? I'm confused BB... What do baseball ticket sales have to do with a wedding? Nothing in reality, but because it is fantasy Friday, buying a ticket would be how your guests would get inside the park. And how much they choose to spend on said tickets determines their experience.

You're probably wondering where the fuck this is coming from, right? Well, allow me to explain... Because of all of the bitter comments and scathing opinions received on last week's real wedding, I got to thinking about a way around trimming the guest list to avoid the hurt and anger that Erica and Trevor's wedding seemed to generate. They didn't set out to purposely hurt anybody, but when you're paying for a wedding by yourself, each person you invite comes with a price. Sounds callous right? I know, but think about it... Each time an addition is made to the guest list, the bottom line becomes smaller and smaller. And the wedding? Less and less about celebrating the couple and more and more about pleasing the family.
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