Golden Nugget

Fantasy Friday ~ A Stunning Outdoor Ceremony & One Hell of a Party at The Golden Nugget!!

Bridey, you know me. Therefore you know that I am completely exhilarated (actually, perhaps a bit obsessed) with Vegas or any posh casino for that matter. So, when I saw Rebecca and Sandy's Atlantic City wedding, there was no question that I just had to share it with you. And, not just because of the whole gambling, casino thing, but because I love that the B+G tied the knot on the marina, stole some GORGE shots on the beach, gambled in the casino and then partied all night long. Seriously, they were able to bring so many elements into their wedding day, so not only was memorable and fun for them, but fun for the guests too! LOVE IT!

By the time you are done taking in the cool deets, you will be seeing blue. No, really, you will! From the blue shoes (on both the B+G), blue ties, blue finger and toe nails, blue flowers, blue water, etc... I really mean it when I say this wedding will leave you feeling blue (but, in a good way, obvi!!). Enjoy!

I cannot get over the gorgeous bead work on Becca's wedding dress.Um... LOVE the fucking FAB blue wedding shoes!Amazing bouquet of flowers, and I love the photograph. Such a lovely way to pay tribute to a loved one who has passed without getting sad.OB SES SED with the blue! OBSESSED! And, I am lovin' the breast cancer awareness cuff links.Awwwww.... So cute!We did it!!! Romantic and fun... A perfect blend!Roll 'em baby!!Oh yeah!!!