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Super Stylish Sunday ~ A Great Gatsby OBSESSED Photo Shoot

Brideys, you are about to be blinded by this absolutely brilliant Great Gatsby photo shoot. Seriously. Turn off your phone (c'mon, just for a short while), shut the door, and allow yourself to be taken back to the 1920s with all of it's grandeur and elegance. Savor these sublime photographs, and perhaps even get some marvelous ideas for your wedding too!

A few words about this fantastic shoot: "The inspiration for this shoot came from that most opulent and glamorous Gatsby era, the inimitable 1920’s. The vision was to create marvelous scenes reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most notorious work. Full of grandeur and historic character, The Society Room of Hartford served as the perfect venue providing architectural drama and elegant interiors. We selected a rich jewel tone palette accented with silver and gold to create an overall majestic ambiance. This was further accomplished by the luxurious details styled by Dani Fine Photography, Tony Palmieri of Datura: A Modern Garden, Geoffrey Ecker and Kia Martinson of General Eclectic. Palmieri also designed gorgeous arrangements and custom bouquets to compliment each look worn by the models."

More details about these photographs: "The Dani Fine Photography team conceptualized, styled and photographed this remarkable shoot. What really made this shoot unusual was the collaborative effort to source genuine antiques from this period. We wanted to underscore the luxury, excess and utter beauty of the time by incorporating some authentic pieces. General Eclectic was a terrific resource to that end. Additionally we also had an amazing vintage dress provided by Tova’s Vintage Shop and a myriad of lavish jewels and other accessories provided by a variety stylists and experts."

If you know me at all, then you KNOW how I feel about cake, and this one? Fucking astonishing! The color pallet, the jewels and the styling alone blow me away!

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Fantasy Friday ~ Great Gatsby Inspired Styled Shoot

I am freaking out over this shoot. Like completely freaking the fuck out! Seriously, these photographs are absolutely stunning. The amazingly bright green tables, the perfect red rose, the gold... All mixed with this cool ass couple? Rockin'... I mean... Can you imagine if there was sound to go with this shoot? I can hear it, can you? 

Brideys, if you are looking for a themed, beautiful and amazingly colorful wedding, then scroll down and breath in these GORGEOUS photographs. Please notice the attention to detail, the perfectly coordinated pallet and the kick ass cake (of course)!

I always love seeing the gold flatware, but honestly, I'm totally distracted by how magnetic this couple is! It's just not fair to be that perfect, right? I mean, c'mon! Not too mention that fantastically exquisite headpiece she's wearing so magnificently.

Look at this table! It's dazzling! Isn't that menu lovely? 

I just died and went to heaven. Totally breathtaking.

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