Fantasy Friday ~ A Luscious, Sumptuous, and Delicious Southern Wedding

Luscious. Yup! Luscious is the word that comes to mind when I take in beautiful deets encapsulated in Kari and Brian’s lovely wedding. I swear that each picture is even more colorful than the next. Seriously, scroll down and check out the flowers. Jumping off the page, right?! Right!! And the venue? OMG! The venue! The cathedral ceilings and the open feel of the space are absolutely enticing! I could totally live there!

But, outside of the amazing venue, waterfall backdrop (yes, I said waterfall!) bright flowers, stunning dress, gorge hairpiece and basically everything else you’re about to see, I love that Kari and Brian chose to have their friend to officiate the wedding. To me, that is at the top of the list when it comes to what this couple will look back and gush about in the years to come. Sure they will talk about how they pulled off the most perfect day ever, but when it comes right down to it, I’m sure that the officiant, family and friends will be at the top of their list. Bridey, as you browse Kari and Brian’s wedding, I want you to think about what will be at the top of your list as you and your hus gush about your wedding day in the years to come. Holy hell... I can't... I'm so in love!!Kari, you look absolutely beautiful!!!Brian's reaction is priceless...HAHA!! Gotta love the eavesdropping. I'm such a sucker for how they are looking at each other!That's one hell of an aisle!!!Awwwww.....Told ya' there was a waterfall!Love the thumbprint guest book!Simply gorgeous!

Fantasy Friday ~ A Seriously FABULOUS, 1920s Styled Shoot...

Bridey, you’re going to see A LOT of this gorgeous 1920s styled shoot. Not just on Bitchless Bride, but if I had to guess, you’re bound to see this shoot on several sites. And normally I would choose to dodge a submission knowing that it is going to be on a gazillion blogs, but honestly? It’s just too good! I simply couldn’t walk away… As a wedding planner, as a woman and a little bit of a diva, I just had to share this with you as soon as I saw it come across my inbox. Seriously, just wait until you scroll down and see for yourself.

Sooooo… This group of gifted vendors got together and created the shoot in the India House, located in the “stone street historic district” of New York City. The India House was established in 1914, and even has its own landmark building. How FAB is that? And, the goal? To feel like this wedding took place in the 1920s. Know what? They totally nailed it! By the time you’re done taking it all in, you will feel like you just walked out of the Great Gatsby.  So, enough outta me… Enjoy this breathtaking shoot!

Holy shit... If looks could kill...What's that like? Being beautiful, and having the most stunning eyes? Right?Wow. Just wow. Look at that headpiece! Hot damn. That's hot! Amazing dress. Simply stunning!Does anybody else feel the sex vibe emanating from this photograph? I mean... This pic totally gets me going! "Oh... you want me to get comfortable and have a cocktail while I wait for her to change? Sounds good." That dress! That hair!!! OMG!!Here they go again! Damn sexy.ANOTHER amazing dress... Bridey, if you're looking for a Great Gatsby feel for your wedding... I think you just got a ton of inspiration!!!

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: emma cleary photography
Shoes: Botticelli Shoes
Jewelry: Cassandra Lynne
Hair Stylist: Christi Rizos
Floral Designer: City Blossoms
Dress Store: Designer Loft
Apparel: Dibi Ties
Cake Designer: Financier Patisserie
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Ian Rios
Event Venue: India House
Dress Store: L'Fay Bridal
Caterer: Masterpiece Caterers
Makeup Artist: Red Carpet Brides
Invitation Designer: Suite Paper

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ A Fat Bottomed (Whaaa?), Nashville Wedding

Anybody who gets married at a place called Fat Bottom is officially my hero! No really, as a girl with a voluptuous bottom, I have a deep respect for the name of the establishment and what it represents. Plus, any bride who has the balls to write Fat Bottom on her invitation? Fucking rock star in my book! Right? Anyway… strewn throughout their photographs are amazing elements of nature (and nurture for that matter), from the headpieces, to the succulents to the gorgeous flowers… Also inspired by woodland creatures, Ellen and Ben worked hard to incorporate the people they love, the city they love and the décor they love all into one day. And while I might not be a nature kind of girl, this beautiful wedding can easily convert even the biggest city dweller to a tree hugger! Just wait until you see their wedding cake! Actually, their wedding cakes!

Ellen and Ben were married in East Nashville (I’ve never been to Nashville, but I’m totally dying to go!!). Anyway, according to their photographer, Ellen and Ben were super cool to work with and fun too! From impecible style to the warmth felt through the pics, hold on to your bottom, bridey, and get inspired!

I LOVE how every.single.bridesmaid is wearing a headpiece. 
Ellen, your dress is FAB!!!
Check out the bouquet!
I mean... Happen to notice her dress? And those eyes!! OMG.
That's what I'm talkin' about! I could have posed for this one!
Holy shit with the cake(s)!!! 
Notice the E+B? I loved sharing this Fat Bottomed, Nashville wedding with you! 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: And How! Imaging
Restaurant: Fat Bottom Brewery

Fantasy Friday ~ An Intimate, Warm, Heartfelt Wedding with Kickass Décor

Know what caught my eye about this stunning wedding, bridey? The simplicity. The sense of weightlessness. The intimacy. Oh! And the amazing details! Considering that I am a seriously detailed individual, this wedding definitely made me stop and study the gorgeousness (shit, is that a word?!). And even before I read the blurb from Greta with FROM THE HIP, I could totally tell that Nicole and Eric were the kind of couple I would have loved to have worked with, based on how I felt from just looking at their stunning pictures! Greta mentioned that “this wedding was a happy, intimate and stress-free affair”. LOVE IT! 

The most important thing to Nicole and Eric was enjoying their wedding day and appreciating their friends and family. If you scroll down, you will see long, beautiful tables with mismatched chairs (the bright blue ones are my fave!). The guests were served family style as if they were sitting around their kitchen table enjoying the company of those around them. Love and laughter filled the air, and then as the sun set the celebration continued with dancing in the dark and festivities. And THAT my friends, is what it’s all about… Enjoy!!

Nicole & Eric you are such a HOT couple!OMG. I seriously love everything about this pic. The headpiece, the dress, the bouquet! Oh my!!!What a romantically fabulous kiss!!! I'm a sucker for how Eric is holding Nicole's head...Time to mix it up, baby!!Holy shit. Gorgeous. Sexy. Perfect.I cannot get enough of this! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bright blue chairs, and the centerpieces!

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ From the Peace Corps All the Way to Brooklyn

This is an absolutely incredible wedding filled with such amazing energy and love, so if tears of joy aren't streaming down your face by the end of this post, then something is wrong with you! Just kidding. I was trying to be super dramatic (must be the cold medicine), and it's just not me. Anyway, Ericka and Emily met while serving in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia. I mean, shit... I met my hus in a bar (and was pretty proud of how strong we're still going), and these two meet in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia? Whoa. Talk about meant to be...

Anyway... From the Peace Corps all the way to Brooklyn. That's where E&E are currently residing. And on beautiful fall day, they exchanged vows by the lake in Prospect Park. Take a look...

I think I would look really cute in suspenders. Seriously. I think I need some.
I'm sorry, but these peeps are cool! 
OMG. That headpiece!
Wait for it... Okay! Look down!!! 
It really doesn't get much cuter!
The brides and their party took in the colorful murals in the neighborhood.
Such a fun bridal party!
Simply in LOVE with the bouquets!!
Joy. That's adulterated joy.

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ Forest Fairies, Chandeliers and a Lovely Outdoor Wedding

"Who needs flower girls when you have forest fairies?" Right? I mean, that's what I always say! Actually, it's what Ashley Roper of ashfall mixed media, inc. said when she submitted this fairytale wedding to Bitchless Bride. In fact, it was the ONLY thing she wrote in the submission! And, bridey, when you see the "forest fairies" and all of the other magical details of Tessa and Paul's wedding, you'll be busting with inspiration! 

And just what is so inspiration-worthy? Well, the headpieces, the flowers, the chandeliers (and OMG, there are several!!) the dresses, you name it... Scroll down, bridey, scroll down... It's so good you may even shed a tear... Enjoy!

Gorgeous headpieces.Amazing first look photographs. Super emotional.Check out our forest fairies! Could you bust?I know... This is a fucking fabulous shot!

Fantasy Friday ~ A Gorgeous, Rustic, Boho Styled Wedding Shoot

Bridey, if you’re looking for inspiration, look no further! Seriously, there are oodles of inspiration in this rustic, boho shoot. OODLES! These pics are absolutely drool worthy, and every now and again, it’s nice for me to step down from the soapbox that is The Truth Hurts Tuesday, and even take a break from Real Wedding Wednesday and linger over the amazingly inspirational possibilities of a styled shoot brought to me by some seriously creative peeps in the industry.

If you’re looking for some simple, yet beautiful styling ideas for your wedding, just scroll down. Jacqueline Marie Studios incorporated rich florals, vintage props and even a pink signature drink with a kiwi garnish. Super awesome, right? I mean, kiwi is rather delicious and you never see it in a cocktail, let alone at a wedding! Perhaps you want to rock a stunning headpiece as you make your way down the aisle? Then replicate the handmade floral wreath below. Personally? I am dying over that dress! Lace is not usually my thing (and neither is a form fitting gown due to my voluptuous ass), but I find myself loving the lace, the shape and the cut. And, don’t even get me started on the cake!!! Hell yeah! Enjoy this one, bridey. I did!Um... A MAZ ING. I love everything about this pic. Her hair, the headpiece and her beautiful long neck.Hi kiwi. You look quite lovely in a pink cocktail. Would make for a great signature drink!Such a fantastic chandelier!

Fantasy Friday ~ A Flowery, Non-Boudoiry, Weddingy, Inspiration Shoot

There is so much eye candy in this shoot that I don't even know where to begin. So take your pick, bridey, take your pick. Need some ideas for your bouquet? Centerpieces? Awesome! Check out the bright, beautiful flowers. Need an idea for your chuppah or arch? Dare I say, look no further? (I totally just cringed.) Just scroll down. Either way, you are going to walk away smarter and inspired!  

If this looks famillar to you, then you've lost your mind, bridey. Just kidding! FStop has done it again! In November, I posted The Flower Bed, and I loved it so much that when this one presented itself in my inbox, I just had to share it with you! So enjoy the beauty and the inspiration, again!

I am dying over this scene! Amazing flowers (I really love the sun flowers!) and fantastically awesome (and kinda sexy) bed!Chuppah? Arch? Ceremony? Those hanging flowers are stunning and warm!Suddenly I want some tea and perhaps maybe even a crumpet.I cannot get over those artichokey looking things!


Industry Peeps:

Photographer: F/stop Poetry
Floral Designer: Green Glen

Fantasy Friday ~ The Flower Bed

I asked for "cool shit". Seriously, that's the exact phrase I used when I put it out there (via Two Bright Lights), and I TOTALLY got it with this submission! I really, really love this shoot, brideys. I think it is a perfect example of how to get creative with a sexy boudoir shoot, and just a fantastically awesome shoot in general! Not to mention some seriously fabulous headpieces! Like, for real, bridey... FAB U LOUS!!! I don't want to waste too much time "talking". Let's get right to it, shall we? Let the scrolling begin, girls!!

I need these shoes. It's funny tho... I can totally picture them with jeans OR under a vintagey, lacey wedding dress. Gonna quote one of my favorite Ryan Gosling movies... Crazy, Stupid, Love. Yeah, you know it... Isn't she "the perfect combination of sexy and cute"?

Real Wedding Wednesday ~ St. Patrick's Day Meets Hawaii with a Little Rome

Sammy and Tom met in Italy seven years ago in Rome on St. Patrick’s Day. I mean… That’s pretty fucking cool, right? Seriously, I have no words to describe just how cool that is. AND, they met on a pub-crawl. Who meets on a pub-crawl and gets married? Aren’t those usually a sloppy mess of a time… all be it a fun time, but usually not the best circumstance to meet and marry. Right? And I thought I was cool because I met my hus in a bar, married him in Vegas and we still love each other, but Sammy and Tom? Totally got me beat!

Their dates were strewn between Naples (Italy) where Tom was stationed (in the Navy), and Rome… not too shabby! Ultimately, the made it stateside, and better yet, in Hawaii! Considering that they met on St. Patrick’s Day, the two decided to marry seven years to the day they met sporting a whole lot of green, and a whole lot of love… 

I love these robes. I mean, they are super Hawaiian, and super cute!! (And makes for quite a photo op!)

Adorable. Adorable headpiece. Can you feel it? The Hawaiian air? What an amazingly intimate and lovely spot for a ceremony...Love the Rolls!!! And Sammy kissing her Dad? Priceless.I love this shot. Now... Look down... 

Fantasy Friday ~ Majestic, Vintage & Fabulous

I'm not gonna lie... This styled shoot is totally an orgy for the eyes... So, in keeping up with the whole "orgy" theme, I'm going to share it with you. Because isn't that what an orgy is all about? Sharing? OMG... SORRY! I think it's time that I move away from the orgy thing... Anyway, this shoot is BEA U TI FUL!! I love everything about it. In fact, I hardly knew where to begin (because there's like, so much beauty), so whatever photograph caught my eye, that's the order in which you are seeing it. 

I hope you enjoy this one, bridey! Clearly, you know that I did! I mean, considering that I used the word "orgy" four times in one paragraph... Yeah, I'd say this one definitely moved me!

The lace, the gold and the china, oh my!!Is that the cutest thing you have ever seen? Look at that pink tongue!Um... could you bust? This dress had me at "hello"...SHUT UP!! This cake is fucking incredible!!!Check out the jewels on the dog!Fantastically amazing table... Look at that headpiece!!!I love this one... 

Industry Peeps:

Photographer: Robyn Preston Photography
Etsy Designer: Carolina Moon Designs
Event Designer: Stargazer Creations
Dress Designer: Alina Pizzano Couture Bridal
Veils and Headpieces: all that jazz design
Makeup Artist: Beautiful Faces by Denise
Cake Designer: The Blooming Bakery
Equipment Rentals: The Vintage Table Co.
Floral Designer: Recycled Love Story
Reception Venue: The Valencia Country Club

Fantasy Friday ~ Wet 'N Wild

Seriously, this is my fantasy. I think I need to go buy myself a wedding dress just so I can have a trash the dress session like this one. I know it's crazy, but I am starting to think that I NEED to know what it feels like to have a wet wedding dress stuck to my body. Dunno why, but I do! Oh my GOD! I think I've really lost my fucking mind. Right? But, bear with me, brideys!

This shoot took place in northwest Montana (Okay... So, I probably won't head all the way over there for a shoot, although it's definitely an idea!), and it goes to show you what a little nature can do. Honestly, this session is nothing short of stunning, and while most of that has to do with the beautiful bride, a little nature didn't hurt either. Enjoy!

That floral headpiece is adorable! And her eyes? Whoa! Gorgeous!

C'mon... You're totally dying to know what that feels like too!! I know you are!!

Clearly, she is caught in a laugh out loud moment. What a great photograph!!

Amazingly vibrant! Only in Montana! Well, I think... I'm a city girl! What do you want from me??

Just hanging out... In the field...

Dying over those boots!

SO cute!!

A GIANT thank you to Kelly Kirksey Photography for submitting this FAB trash the dress shoot!!